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Shift. Release. Rinse. Repeat.

Ever look at a photo and see the entirety of a story dissolve? Like your brain looks at the pixels and sees through down to the last grain, it sees the trees instead of the forest and then says ‘meh’. I wonder what it means when meanings change and dissolve right before your eyes. When the meaningful suddenly becomes meaningless and the meaningless suddenly fails to have any reality to your heart and mind. It was never going to end, because it didn’t even begin. This story telling through time and space we’ve been doing, that means everything. Here we are again lost in a game of hide and seek. Memories and patterns silenced so they never speak. I hope that’s not what it means. I hope I’m not seeing the same damn pattern repeating. I wonder what happens when we realize our telling patterns – what happens when we step back from our own behaviors and look to see how we always do the same thing when we enter and exit scenes in our movie. We make our entry in the s