Tuesday, July 5

Dive Deep, The Ocean's Just Right

Easy days.
Light days.
Light years in space and I'm as cleared as they come.

And I'm getting clearer still.

Shedding all that would keep us from being light. Unloop, unearth, unwire, fray, frizzle and fiddle until it all comes tumbling apart, tumbling down leaving only the shine of your unmarked soul.

What happens when you're shadow dancing thinking the magic couldn't have been bigger, brighter and more fantastic than what you are living, and you turn around to find that it's been your shadow you've been watching so far?

What happens when you finally finally finally look at yourself directly in all your illuminated glory?

What becomes of your dancing then?

Stick around.
And take your glasses off.
Look on up, the lighting's just right

We haven't seen anything but the farthest edges of all that we are. The splendor and the inexplicable wonder we watched so far is cast by the shadow of our shadows.

What then of our light then?

When in doubt, always choose the free fall.

Dive deep knowing you'll only land in a clearer space than the ground you were standing on.

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