Monday, June 8

The day I realized my dreams are living me

For as long as I can remember I have loved achievement - that feeling of accomplishing something you set out to accomplish. Now I didn't always understand what that feeling was about, what the benefit of feeling that feeling really entailed, but I knew I fed on it. Whether it was managing or running groups and teams in high school, or taking on challenging work roles in my various professional adventures, or deciding I was going to write a book every year and have my own business, there's always been this undercurrent of loving the process of producing something new or at least something that's new to me.

I'm addicted to the feeling of achievement, which I recognize as being a part of the creative process, a driving force that fuels and mobilizes you into realizing whatever it is you've set out to realize. That drive for achievement is a resource that connects you to so much more than you can grasp or realize from the mere absorption of these words.


This is the formula you move through and every phase of it is worth the internal activity that it comes with.  All of it is worth consuming because the end of I HAVE DONE IT brings you to the beginning of a new I CAN DO IT.

I think we all come into the world with some core passions, and the moment we mobilize ourselves toward living these passions, these passions themselves start living us. Meaning we set out to actualize them and they in turn form themselves into circumstance and situations beyond our imaginings. You get back what you put out, only when you get it back it's magnified manifold and represented in a beautifully timed and orchestrated masterpiece that you forget that you were the point of ignition for this work of living art that has now become your "right now".

Today, June 8th, was a moment of such recognition - where I faced the living reflection of what I've been dreaming of, where I faced myself as a Universe and as a person. It was beyond magic and miracles. It was something that left me electrified and speechless. It is my life right now.

And I'm so high as a kite about it and ready for the cycle of creation to recycle into a new spin of living the life of my dreams while being lived by them too.

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