Tuesday, April 28

Waking up to Harris

What is this feeling? Is it Bliss? Is it Nothing?

There's a point you reach or maybe you've always been at it but didn't know because you were distracted by the shininess of your own thoughts...

Anyway, there's a point of total and utter quietness you reach when you keep letting go of the idea that you are you. It's magic and brilliant to repeatedly watch yourself form and dissolve in the field of your own awareness.

I just finished Sam Harris' "Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion" and loved the angle he presented around awakening. Waking up from the trance of being a "me" of any kind is taught and re-taught in countless cultures, but in some of them there's a condition attached to that dissolution of the "false self" as though it's something you have to earn or will be granted only if you do a series of ritualistic exercises.

I love that we're at a point where we have the neurological data to illustrate this functional dysfunction in perception that arises from the way thought happens, and that there is an accessible universality to debunking the funk of your own way of perceiving the world. It doesn't have anything to do with religion, or rituals - it's about understanding how everything you take yourself to be works. No dogma. No condition. Just discovery.

It's Bliss.
It's Nothing.
It's a feeling that belongs to no one.

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