Friday, December 12

Time to play catch up again

Maybe it's the bubbly or wine talking but I found myself paying attention to something I had long turned my focus from. But alas, when something is thinking of you then you're bound to find yourself turning around to look right at that thing that's looking at you.

It's time to play catch up again. Are we Here Now? It's time to brush up on your spiritual standards, invoke that long held knowledge, and turn your attention from the distractions you've been filling your  mind with. Polish up on what you present to represent, so that when the questions are asked you're primed and prepared to lead the ready minds and sleeping minds into the terrains of the new age.

You have to raise the bar of your own expressiveness, bring the passion to the tip of your tongue, and spread the gospel of the awakened mind like that was all you were created to do. Nothing less will satisfy your soul. Drop the rhetoric and feel for the real of what you're here to express. Something that's your own. Something that's beyond a superficial recitation of something you heard somewhere else. What do you know in your heart to be true that isn't knowledge you picked up from someone else? Something you thought up when you were sitting at your kitchen table when looking into your bowl of breakfast concoctions.

Be your most unique original self. Be the self that transcends the images you are supposed to represent. Be that something other that's indefinable and magnetic. Be the true you. Always be that you. For to be anything less than that is to diminish the life force of your whole expressive nature.

You are more.

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