Friday, December 5

Miracle Days 001

I think it's high time I document all the little wizardy days where things play out better and brighter than I ever anticipated.

Today's win is my phone upgrade!

I've been looking at my Samsung Galaxy ACE trying to decide what to upgrade to this past week because that phone has had it's time and I was due to operate something a little more 2014, now that you know...2014 is almost over.

I marked it down on my Intention List just this morning.

As in...I'll find the perfect phone and upgrade offer when it's the right time. I do this with just about everything I want to bring into my world - it's much more relaxing and fun to let events orchestrate and organize and bring you the best of the best. So I added it to my list.

And then I moved on.

I took a nap, then got up to go shop for groceries and such. That's all I planned on going for. Groceries. Nothing else. It wasn't even in the realm of ideas for me to pick up a new phone today. It was a "will get the phone in a few weeks or months" kind of idea when I penned it into my Intention List.

I somehow found myself in the aisle where the electronics are.

Enter Carlos! The friendliest nicest cutest phone person ever! I told him I was just looking at phones 'cause I'd been thinking about upgrading. Well, he ended up upgrading me for free AND throwing in $100 gift card without needing to lock into any plans of any kind.


Yep! I kept giggling to myself and just high-fiving the Universe.

Well played, magical land of magical things. Well, played!

So I have my new phone and I've been giggling over it nonstop for the past 4 hours.

YAY Universe!

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