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Any Direction I Choose

I love how it all comes together, how little patterns unwind and dissolve themselves into thin air. I see a fly on the wall in the winter, and it makes me remember. And that remembering leads me to letting the last pieces of an old story go from deep within my soul. I awaken from this only to recognize while I look in the mirror, that I am so much more than any old stories affirm, I am so much more than the magic of what once was or what once could be, and I am set free to fly in any direction my heart desires. I am the humming bird . We don't always consciously know those last little bits of things we hold onto to keep ourselves playing a smaller mediocre game. Oh but when we wake up from it, we always wake up into freedom!

Time to play catch up again

Maybe it's the bubbly or wine talking but I found myself paying attention to something I had long turned my focus from. But alas, when something is thinking of you then you're bound to find yourself turning around to look right at that thing that's looking at you. It's time to play catch up again. Are we Here Now? It's time to brush up on your spiritual standards, invoke that long held knowledge, and turn your attention from the distractions you've been filling your  mind with. Polish up on what you present to represent, so that when the questions are asked you're primed and prepared to lead the ready minds and sleeping minds into the terrains of the new age. You have to raise the bar of your own expressiveness, bring the passion to the tip of your tongue, and spread the gospel of the awakened mind like that was all you were created to do. Nothing less will satisfy your soul. Drop the rhetoric and feel for the real of what you're here to express. Som

Miracle Days 001

I think it's high time I document all the little wizardy days where things play out better and brighter than I ever anticipated. Today's win is my phone upgrade! I've been looking at my Samsung Galaxy ACE trying to decide what to upgrade to this past week because that phone has had it's time and I was due to operate something a little more 2014, now that you know...2014 is almost over. I marked it down on my Intention List just this morning. As in...I'll find the perfect phone and upgrade offer when it's the right time. I do this with just about everything I want to bring into my world - it's much more relaxing and fun to let events orchestrate and organize and bring you the best of the best. So I added it to my list. And then I moved on. I took a nap, then got up to go shop for groceries and such. That's all I planned on going for. Groceries. Nothing else. It wasn't even in the realm of ideas for me to pick up a new phone today. It was a


“The greatest discovery and development of the coming years will be along spiritual lines. Here is a force which history clearly teaches has been the greatest power in the development of man and history, and yet we have been merely playing with it and have never seriously studied it as we have physical forces. Some day people will learn that material things do not bring happiness and are of little use in making men and women creative and powerful. Then the scientists of the world will turn their laboratories over to the study of the spiritual forces. When this day comes, the world will see more advancement in one generation than it has in the past four.” —CHARLES PROTEUS STEINMETZ