Tuesday, September 23

That moment when you realize how amazing your life is…

Some days I wake up while riding the wave
of some epiphany that's decided to accompany me into the waking realm. I love starting my days like that.

It's like sometime in the middle of the night, my psyche decides to shed some story of some kind and I wake up riding the burst of energy that's unleashed anytime we do that. It amazes me. Anytime I wake up with an insight or a changed mind or a realization that something wasn't what I thought it was…I'm amazed because most of the time it's around things I've forgotten about or think I've moved on from.

Last night was one of those nights. In fact, I think the past four days have had some semblance of that in them to varying degrees.     

To whatever parts of me do the work while my conscious self sleeps, I thank you!

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