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That moment when you realize how amazing your life is…

Some days I wake up while riding the wave of some epiphany that's decided to accompany me into the waking realm. I love starting my days like that. It's like sometime in the middle of the night, my psyche decides to shed some story of some kind and I wake up riding the burst of energy that's unleashed anytime we do that. It amazes me. Anytime I wake up with an insight or a changed mind or a realization that something wasn't what I thought it was…I'm amazed because most of the time it's around things I've forgotten about or think I've moved on from. Last night was one of those nights. In fact, I think the past four days have had some semblance of that in them to varying degrees.      To whatever parts of me do the work while my conscious self sleeps, I thank you!

Dreams of my Cowboy

Dirt lined finger tips Grease streaked faded blue jeans falling to your hips Work-boots that leave a footprint every damn place you go And I don't mind it at all 'Cause the way the sunlight hits your face Lights the little spikes lining your jaw Blue eyes lined in brown eyelashes And all I'm thinking is, Oh My God How did I get to this moment Of watching a thing so bright Resting next to me in cowboy gear Setting my heart on fire You're the story in my pages The heartbeat of all my dreams You're the pulse of every desire My one and only for all my years