Tuesday, August 5

don't blend and don't follow...

If you look at a color palette and witness what happens as you swirl colors together, it gives the perfect image to what happens to us when we try to blend into the groups around us. Group consciousness is a funny thing, and not necessarily a healthy happy comical funny.

For where we are in the world, one of the clearest standards anyone involved in self-work must set, is the standard of not blending in. If your work is to be clear, to be transparent, to be loving, to be open, to be expansive, then blending into any group standard (at this point in our evolution) means blending into separation mindsets, fragmentary standards, mentalities of "us vs. them" and a wide spectrum of perspectives that fall in the separation continuum.

To follow such a collective standard is to lead yourself out of the very Heart you work daily to keep yourself centered in. Being in the Heart, being in the awareness of the Still Center that pulses within all, is being in Love, being in the consciousness where difference and distance, lack and incompleteness, cease to exist. In the Heart all is whole. In the Heart all are the shining brilliance of the Infinite. 

Let your incantation be: I will not blend in here. I will not mute the brilliance of being grounded in expansiveness by agreeing to group standards that require I see things as separate, as fragmented, as lacking, as incomplete. I commit to the sight of wholeness and love. I commit to the seeing and noticing of the love essence that is in all, and that shines in all. I bow my head to the sacred before me. I refuse to participate in the drama of separation. I choose to stand fully in the light of connection, grounded in the recognition that all that is before me and around me could only ever be Love in its Infinite Forms. Only Love is, and that is the only standard of sight I will be lead by, I will lead by, and that I will follow.

Don't blend...and don't follow...anything other than the godly Light and shining wisdom of your Heart.

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