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How perceptions create reality

"Reality is not something you perceive. Reality exists in your head and it is like a movie, like a stream of concepts, and the role of perception is to position yourself at a particular moment and place in the movie.Only those things that already exist in your head can be seen." - Louis M Martinez, TedX Barcelona

Sexy Spanish accents wins an already winning presentation!

Dominique Christina - "The Period Poem"

women know how to let things go
how to let a dying thing leave the body
how to become new
how to regenerate
how to wax and wane

No Computer Can Do What Your Brain Can Do

To hold an information processing and sorting system in your head no computer we've ever created can match and still say "well I'm only human" as though being human means you're inherently limited and fated to stay that way, is pure bullcock. 

Stop your cop-out. 

Don't even get me started on the technology that is the heart.