Wednesday, June 11

Do I believe in God?

What I write about, the Universe and your power, the magic and majesty of being a perceiving living being in the world of apparent matter, could easily rub the religion out of someone. I find I have to hold my tongue and stay in the silence when someone is particularly in a strong hold by the beliefs they hold about God and heaven and suffering and "his son", oh and of course what they believe is "the limitation of being human", the sins of man, and all the rest.

Don't even get me started on my issue with the whole "I'm only human" defense. It makes me want to slap a blow up doll. Oh, all the insane things we say to argue for our self-imposed limitations! "Oh but if you only knew the powerhouse of pure power that makes your entire being" I'd shout before pounding my fists into a mountain of silly putty. SPLAT! That's what I'd like to do to that psychological culture of "but I'm only human". Before I go even more into that tangent though, let's come back to the question in the title: Do I believe in God?

Yes. Though, the God I understand and the God that is written about in books and spoken of on the tongues of men are not one and the same. Or more so the God I understand is One that cannot be reached, described, encapsulated by the clucking of our vocal chords. Oh no, when I pray, what I pray to and what I revere is a power greater than my fly-on-the-cosmic-wall of a mind can wrap itself around. When I meditate, what I enter into is a boundless mansion of rapturous energies for which there are no words with the only sounds being deep breath filled sighs as I bathe in something my senses cannot make sense of.

That experience where if even you only allow yourself to taste it and be saturated in it for but a millisecond of your incarnated life, you will never again attempt to describe God to another let alone fight for and rebel against the constructs upon constructs of nonsense we've formed throughout history and will no doubt form for many more days to come.

When someone asks me that question again of "do you believe in God?" My retort is "of what God do you mean?" And as they list the qualities they've read in books written and re-written, received and translated by the tongues and hands of men, I'll answer "Oh, ah, the God I understand is greater still than all that. And still greater than my understanding too."

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