Saturday, May 31

Life of a Prophetess

Two strange dreams on the same theme in one day. I sometimes forget these prophetic powers until they take over, sometimes insisting I pay attention as they come through signaling a change in the tides of life.

How fitting, since I've lifted off again, knowingly flying myself into the unknown abyss of majestic creation.

If I could mark all the transition points of my life, that scene between a "fade out" and a "fade in" of a new landscape, they'd be marked with this awareness. First there's this dawning upon of how transient this waking dream of a life is, and then all that once appeared to be solid takes on this transparent form, and fades to black. That point where everything is black, that space between the fames of your reality, that's where you're re-born, that's where your entire existence is remade and rearranged into something new.

I don't know at what level of mind such things are seen but I know they can be seen. On outward appearance everything looks normal, honky dory, status quo. But that change in the angle of the camera that's recording your life is clear as day if you just take yourself out of everyday mind and pay attention to the set design. And this set just changed.

How exciting.

The willingness to leave all that is familiar behind you, all that is now known and solid behind you, that is what fluidly carries you into the new frames of your experience. Change is a ready made dance between you and the infinite unknown. Jump in with both feet readily. You'll find more magic than you could ever imagine that way!

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