Sunday, April 6

Oh, Thank You

My life wow's me constantly and it looks like it's going to be that way forever. Huzzah!

I think building your life on the foundation of awe and gratitude is the secret of all secrets to living a life you unconditionally love come what may, come any day.

And the really amaze-balls things about it all is that when you do make your core state be awe and gratitude, when you commit yourself to look at life through the lens of awe and gratitude, what comes on any day ends up being things that tickle you and make you light up like Halley's comet in a darkened sky.

I vow to live my life in awe.
I vow to live my life in gratitude.
I vow to the essence of all essences that every day in every way I'll remember the miracle of existing, the miracle of simply being alive in a world that's better and greater than any sci-fi stories can make up.

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