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You'll Always Have Time

If you're Canadian, at the end of reading this blog title you probably heard yourself sing "for tim hourtons."

God you have to love advertising. Isn't it amazing the things we do with words and the things words do to us?

Anyway, this blog is not about donuts and coffee.

It's actually about the stories we tell ourselves in our mind about time. If you're human, and I'd be stoked to know if a non-human was really reading this, and if you're that non-human please definitely drop me a line and tell me about your extraterrestrial planet...but if you're human, you've likely run some version of this thought in your head: I don't have enough time.

Yep, you know the one. And you've repeated it in your head like a damned mantra. You've sent it out as your silent prayer asking life to reflect back to you all the ways in which "you never have enough time." I wish Will Ferrell was in this blog so he could read everything that's ita…

Blog Post #862: Same Mission, Different Day

I've noticed this change that seems to be the way of everything, except in what I feel I need to do in the world. Even the things I think I need, change with the weather. One of the best things anyone could do for themselves is write out a life's mission statement. An answer to the question: what am I here for?  What's my purpose?

To live life on purpose and to live a life of purpose, of service to some cause that feels true for you, seems to pull more life into you. It seems to keep you moving forward. Without it, we seem to just wander aimlessly getting pushed and pulled by the tides of forces that aren't always up to par with your highest and best.

But a mission and destination born from your heart, that will move you in a way that defies everything you think you know and again and again propels you into moments where only your highest and only your best come nose to nose with you.

I'm grateful I asked this question almost a decade ago and the magic-lined answer…