Friday, February 7

Hurray! I exist!

My only reason for loving everything about this life, for thinking this life is amazing, incredible, and awe-inspiring is my existence. I exist - that freakin freaks me out. Every other success that comes after that is extra icing on an already well decorated cake. 

When we measure our sense of fulfillment on what we get or don't get in life, we forget the first magical act life ever performed on us - it brought us into existence. Be thrilled you exist, that you're alive, that you woke up today ready to perceive another day unfold itself, another day in which the sun stays magma-hot, the earth spins, water does what it does and oxygen does what it does, and gravity does what it does and on and on it goes.

Be thrilled about all this and see what room is left inside of you for anything other than awe and gratitude.

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