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Stranger Sibling, Sibling Stranger

Latenight blogging 101: only blog about weird shit. Sleepless nights mean only one thing - I tune into the weirdest train of thoughts imaginable to me. This one isn't so weird as I have a beautiful reference for it. It's that one about feeling like a sibling to a stranger and feeling like a stranger to a sibling. If you can have one, you can have the other. I wonder what it means when you can feel kinship of the soul with someone you have no solid social basis for. I mean they're not someone you talk to or see in your day to day world, and yet this feeling of being of the same soul-blood is just there. I better get back to the snooze fest. I have to be up and at em in four hours.

Fight to keep the fire burning

I'm in love with this group ~