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Any Direction I Choose

I love how it all comes together, how little patterns unwind and dissolve themselves into thin air. I see a fly on the wall in the winter, and it makes me remember. And that remembering leads me to letting the last pieces of an old story go from deep within my soul. I awaken from this only to recognize while I look in the mirror, that I am so much more than any old stories affirm, I am so much more than the magic of what once was or what once could be, and I am set free to fly in any direction my heart desires. I am the humming bird . We don't always consciously know those last little bits of things we hold onto to keep ourselves playing a smaller mediocre game. Oh but when we wake up from it, we always wake up into freedom!

Time to play catch up again

Maybe it's the bubbly or wine talking but I found myself paying attention to something I had long turned my focus from. But alas, when something is thinking of you then you're bound to find yourself turning around to look right at that thing that's looking at you. It's time to play catch up again. Are we Here Now? It's time to brush up on your spiritual standards, invoke that long held knowledge, and turn your attention from the distractions you've been filling your  mind with. Polish up on what you present to represent, so that when the questions are asked you're primed and prepared to lead the ready minds and sleeping minds into the terrains of the new age. You have to raise the bar of your own expressiveness, bring the passion to the tip of your tongue, and spread the gospel of the awakened mind like that was all you were created to do. Nothing less will satisfy your soul. Drop the rhetoric and feel for the real of what you're here to express. Som

Miracle Days 001

I think it's high time I document all the little wizardy days where things play out better and brighter than I ever anticipated. Today's win is my phone upgrade! I've been looking at my Samsung Galaxy ACE trying to decide what to upgrade to this past week because that phone has had it's time and I was due to operate something a little more 2014, now that you know...2014 is almost over. I marked it down on my Intention List just this morning. As in...I'll find the perfect phone and upgrade offer when it's the right time. I do this with just about everything I want to bring into my world - it's much more relaxing and fun to let events orchestrate and organize and bring you the best of the best. So I added it to my list. And then I moved on. I took a nap, then got up to go shop for groceries and such. That's all I planned on going for. Groceries. Nothing else. It wasn't even in the realm of ideas for me to pick up a new phone today. It was a


“The greatest discovery and development of the coming years will be along spiritual lines. Here is a force which history clearly teaches has been the greatest power in the development of man and history, and yet we have been merely playing with it and have never seriously studied it as we have physical forces. Some day people will learn that material things do not bring happiness and are of little use in making men and women creative and powerful. Then the scientists of the world will turn their laboratories over to the study of the spiritual forces. When this day comes, the world will see more advancement in one generation than it has in the past four.” —CHARLES PROTEUS STEINMETZ

Returns and roof tops

I haven't had a dream like this in a really long time, but when it comes, it's welcome to come. The best moments are the one's that you never have to hold on tightly to. They come, freely, exploring you, showing you their cold hands while you show them theirs, hand to neck, mine to belly - and they take you to places you never thought to visit. Like a rooftop in some city, sitting high in the sky, in the night lighted only by the light that beams from your eyes. Privacy and reunions that span different lifetimes, all unfolding a beautiful story of recognition and day dreams. When night dreams feel like this, you know to high five an angel somewhere. It's almost 3AM. Time to return to the sheets.

That moment when you realize how amazing your life is…

Some days I wake up while riding the wave of some epiphany that's decided to accompany me into the waking realm. I love starting my days like that. It's like sometime in the middle of the night, my psyche decides to shed some story of some kind and I wake up riding the burst of energy that's unleashed anytime we do that. It amazes me. Anytime I wake up with an insight or a changed mind or a realization that something wasn't what I thought it was…I'm amazed because most of the time it's around things I've forgotten about or think I've moved on from. Last night was one of those nights. In fact, I think the past four days have had some semblance of that in them to varying degrees.      To whatever parts of me do the work while my conscious self sleeps, I thank you!

Dreams of my Cowboy

Dirt lined finger tips Grease streaked faded blue jeans falling to your hips Work-boots that leave a footprint every damn place you go And I don't mind it at all 'Cause the way the sunlight hits your face Lights the little spikes lining your jaw Blue eyes lined in brown eyelashes And all I'm thinking is, Oh My God How did I get to this moment Of watching a thing so bright Resting next to me in cowboy gear Setting my heart on fire You're the story in my pages The heartbeat of all my dreams You're the pulse of every desire My one and only for all my years

Animal Totems: Ants

Patience, Order, Discipline A person with an ant totem is active, community-minded who sees future needs. You are a planner but content to build your dreams slowly over time. You are content in knowing that everything will come to you in time.     The ant teaches you how to become the architect of your life. The greatest success comes with persistence. The ant shows you how to work with others. Ask yourself if you are making things harder than they need to be. Are you being patient with your own and others' efforts? Using discipline, you can lay a foundation for success. The ant is the promise of success through effort.  

The content of your character is your choice

“The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts.  Think only on those things that are in line with your principles  and can bear the light of day.  The content of your character is your choice.  Day by day, what you do is who you become.  Your integrity is your destiny - it is the light that guides your way.”   ― Heraclitus  The thoughts we think are choices we make. The decisions we act out are thoughts that we own. We cannot escape our abilities to author ourselves in every moment of every day. Life has no aims of limiting us or confining us or subjecting us to events or circumstances that we ourselves haven't written into our story. We are powered eternally from inside ourselves. Whether we succeed or soar or whether we flail and fall, it is we who instruct our legs to carry us as wings or to give out under us. Life is unconditionally supportive of what we do and who we become by our own doing.

don't blend and don't follow...

If you look at a color palette and witness what happens as you swirl colors together, it gives the perfect image to what happens to us when we try to blend into the groups around us. Group consciousness is a funny thing, and not necessarily a healthy happy comical funny. For where we are in the world, one of the clearest standards anyone involved in self-work must set, is the standard of not blending in . If your work is to be clear, to be transparent, to be loving, to be open, to be expansive, then blending into any group standard (at this point in our evolution) means blending into separation mindsets, fragmentary standards, mentalities of "us vs. them" and a wide spectrum of perspectives that fall in the separation continuum. To follow such a collective standard is to lead yourself out of the very Heart you work daily to keep yourself centered in. Being in the Heart, being in the awareness of the Still Center that pulses within all, is being in Love, being in the consc

Show me who you are...

And I'll show you the play of your warring stories. One of the greatest gifts of spiritual inquiry, of going inward and committing to a lifelong journey of self unraveling is that you enter a space where everything can't help but be completely transparent . Transparency in life, in your being, in your every endeavor is a valuable currency - a way to exchange a clearer current of life with your heart and with your surrounding. If you're willing to go inward daily and ask: who am I being? What standard of ideals am I expressing? How true am I being to my heart, to my soul? - then you are living your life with a level of authenticity and clarity that will keep you shining like a bright beacon in a field of darkness. I again and again have been coming across what happens when things are kept hidden, overlooked, buried, unexplored, and ignored. When that is your strategy in life or in work or in any place in this game of being human, somewhere in your timeline will be a cra

How perceptions create reality

"Reality is not something you perceive. Reality exists in your head and it is like a movie, like a stream of concepts, and the role of perception is to position yourself at a particular moment and place in the movie.Only those things that already exist in your head can be seen." - Louis M Martinez, TedX Barcelona Sexy Spanish accents wins an already winning presentation!

Dominique Christina - "The Period Poem"

women know how to let things go how to let a dying thing leave the body how to become new how to regenerate how to wax and wane

No Computer Can Do What Your Brain Can Do

To hold an information processing and sorting system in your head no computer we've ever created can match and still say " well I'm only human " as though being human means you're inherently limited and fated to stay that way, is pure bullcock .  Stop your cop-out.  Don't even get me started on the technology that is the heart.

Do I believe in God?

What I write about, the Universe and your power, the magic and majesty of being a perceiving living being in the world of apparent matter, could easily rub the religion out of someone. I find I have to hold my tongue and stay in the silence when someone is particularly in a strong hold by the beliefs they hold about God and heaven and suffering and "his son", oh and of course what they believe is "the limitation of being human", the sins of man, and all the rest. Don't even get me started on my issue with the whole "I'm only human" defense. It makes me want to slap a blow up doll. Oh, all the insane things we say to argue for our self-imposed limitations! "Oh but if you only knew the powerhouse of pure power that makes your entire being" I'd shout before pounding my fists into a mountain of silly putty. SPLAT! That's what I'd like to do to that psychological culture of "but I'm only human". Before I go even mor

Returning to Void

If you name me, you negate me.  By giving me a name, a label, you negate all the other things  I could possibly be.  - Søren Kierkegaard Back home in the Infinite. Remember. Never forget. 

Life of a Prophetess

Two strange dreams on the same theme in one day. I sometimes forget these prophetic powers until they take over, sometimes insisting I pay attention as they come through signaling a change in the tides of life. How fitting, since I've lifted off again, knowingly flying myself into the unknown abyss of majestic creation. If I could mark all the transition points of my life, that scene between a "fade out" and a "fade in" of a new landscape, they'd be marked with this awareness. First there's this dawning upon of how transient this waking dream of a life is, and then all that once appeared to be solid takes on this transparent form, and fades to black. That point where everything is black, that space between the fames of your reality, that's where you're re-born, that's where your entire existence is remade and rearranged into something new. I don't know at what level of mind such things are seen but I know they can be seen. On outwar

Being an Executive Coach and Other Great Things

Fancy titles fancy me. When you do what you love, and you love what you do, it organically evolves itself, grows itself in ways you don't see coming. Yay! Even the things we tell ourselves we are, our endless lists of identities, if we love them from the heart, will wow us as they uniquely grow themselves through us.  What you give love to, no matter it's nature or form, will return itself to you in fascinating ways. Here's to love and loving. That's what it's all about in the end ~

Feeling Gravity

I suspect, if we could actually know what gravity feels like on the inside, if we could feel it's actual field through our nervous system rather than the effect of it on the nervous system...we would be in a constant state of bliss. The very forces that seem to bind us to something...are those same forces we find both inexplicable and pleasurable as they are experienced through our homosapien space suits.

Oh, Thank You

My life wow's me constantly and it looks like it's going to be that way forever. Huzzah! I think building your life on the foundation of awe and gratitude is the secret of all secrets to living a life you unconditionally love come what may, come any day. And the really amaze-balls things about it all is that when you do make your core state be awe and gratitude, when you commit yourself to look at life through the lens of awe and gratitude, what comes on any day ends up being things that tickle you and make you light up like Halley's comet in a darkened sky. I vow to live my life in awe. I vow to live my life in gratitude. I vow to the essence of all essences that every day in every way I'll remember the miracle of existing, the miracle of simply being alive in a world that's better and greater than any sci-fi stories can make up.

You'll Always Have Time

If you're Canadian, at the end of reading this blog title you probably heard yourself sing "for tim hourtons." God you have to love advertising. Isn't it amazing the things we do with words and the things words do to us? Anyway, this blog is not about donuts and coffee. It's actually about the stories we tell ourselves in our mind about time . If you're human, and I'd be stoked to know if a non-human was really reading this, and if you're that non-human please definitely drop me a line and tell me about your extraterrestrial planet...but if you're human, you've likely run some version of this thought in your head: I don't have enough time . Yep, you know the one. And you've repeated it in your head like a damned mantra. You've sent it out as your silent prayer asking life to reflect back to you all the ways in which " you never have enough time ." I wish Will Ferrell was in this blog so he could read everything tha

Blog Post #862: Same Mission, Different Day

I've noticed this change that seems to be the way of everything, except in what I feel I need to do in the world. Even the things I think I need, change with the weather. One of the best things anyone could do for themselves is write out a life's mission statement. An answer to the question: what am I here for?  What's my purpose? To live life on purpose and to live a life of purpose, of service to some cause that feels true for you, seems to pull more life into you. It seems to keep you moving forward. Without it, we seem to just wander aimlessly getting pushed and pulled by the tides of forces that aren't always up to par with your highest and best. But a mission and destination born from your heart, that will move you in a way that defies everything you think you know and again and again propels you into moments where only your highest and only your best come nose to nose with you. I'm grateful I asked this question almost a decade ago and the magic-lined

Weird Dreams and Ukulele's

Ever have dreams that make no sense at all and do at the same time? The sequence of images that flood through have no relation, take place in different rooms and yet each changing room, each scene is related to the last. I wonder what winds shifted to make the sail of my sailboat change like this. I welcome it of course. I always do when a Ukulele's involved.

Hurray! I exist!

My only reason for loving everything about this life, for thinking this life is amazing, incredible, and awe-inspiring is my existence. I exist - that freakin freaks me out. Every other success that comes after that is extra icing on an already well decorated cake.  When we measure our sense of fulfillment on what we get or don't get in life, we forget the first magical act life ever performed on us - it brought us into existence. Be thrilled you exist, that you're alive, that you woke up today ready to perceive another day unfold itself, another day in which the sun stays magma-hot, the earth spins, water does what it does and oxygen does what it does, and gravity does what it does and on and on it goes. Be thrilled about all this and see what room is left inside of you for anything other than awe and gratitude.

Stranger Sibling, Sibling Stranger

Latenight blogging 101: only blog about weird shit. Sleepless nights mean only one thing - I tune into the weirdest train of thoughts imaginable to me. This one isn't so weird as I have a beautiful reference for it. It's that one about feeling like a sibling to a stranger and feeling like a stranger to a sibling. If you can have one, you can have the other. I wonder what it means when you can feel kinship of the soul with someone you have no solid social basis for. I mean they're not someone you talk to or see in your day to day world, and yet this feeling of being of the same soul-blood is just there. I better get back to the snooze fest. I have to be up and at em in four hours.

Fight to keep the fire burning

I'm in love with this group ~