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Holograms of the Strange Actress

It's that same old song sung through a different mouth and I'm wondering when you're going to realize the web you'd trapped yourself in.

I wonder how long it'll take you to break this record you have repeating.

Your girlfriend says she's had enough, she can't take it, can't do it no more. She's getting off this roller-coaster ride bending herself in half over all the dreams she gave up for you.

You try to play the song again and all it says is...failed to load.

You oughtta be grateful for that. Because when the old song won't play no more, is when you'll force yourself to live something new. The only habit left to break is the habit of being that old you. You know the one, the one that sought this song out, picked it out of a thousand faces, and convinced himself this was it.

It's nice to see you breaking's nice to see you breaking through.

I'm swinging my legs sitting on a beam of a broken down floating castle. My leg…

To Your Knees

Let's call Her Dante's mistress
And not his muse
Let's see through Her mystery
Riding into brown eyes with black irisis
Taking a trip deep into
The spaces of Space
From which she hails
No man can father his creativity
Without first fixing himself to some muse
Tucked under the arms of an inspired man
Is always Her
From folklore to whore to mistress to muse
She has many forms none of which have to do
With the physical guises that she assumes
She is nature and woman and lover and man
She is the subject of a relentless obsession
A provocative hallucination
Causing a collision of your own senses
Born for the sole purpose of bringing
Every creative heart to its knees
Let's not call her Dante's mistress
Let's call her his Divine Undoing

(c) Kidest M. 2013

We Are Sound

We are only patterns of sound doing the dance of sacred form, are we not?

Hello Marco

Thrice in the span of a single day did I hear the name Marco
Three different stories speaking of the same name
I like to pay attention
And when the strings of life dance together
to knit me a new sweater
I think to myself...I can't wait to try this new garment on
Marco Marco Marco
Now that is a beautiful name that I'll never tire of speaking.