Saturday, August 10

My Live As A Happy Camper

Ever wonder where our over used phrases come from?

Happy Camper

I use that  one a lot, even though going out into the woods and sleeping on jagged rocks rarely ever appeals to me. The only type of "camping" I've done and will do is one's in which there is a cottage by a lake with beds and a toilet - and of course good company. I love being in the woods and in nature, but not exposed to the bugs and wiggly things and having to sleep on hard ground while having to work to keep warm, build fires and the like. Granted I do like sitting around a nice bonfire by the beach sippin on all the good foreign beer my heart adores.

Moral of my post?

There isn't one. I  was just reflecting on how content I feel in my bubble, how much I feel like "a happy camper" when my brain farts led me down the road of this train of thought about camping and being happy.

Life is good - I look around me at what unfolds and how it unfolds and I can't help but remain in wonder at this whole being alive thing.

Reasons for my happy campdom-ness
#1 I'm alive and present
#2 I'm living in the most beautiful environment ever - where ocean and trees speak a language I've always been drawn to
#3 I'm surrounded by beautiful sparkly shiny people and every new face I meet, effortlessly falls into that description - I'm in love with the friendlies in my life

There's more to my list, but I have to go shop for food before the Saturday shopping craziness commences. I love being at the store when it's practically empty. That too adds to my feeling like a "happy camper".

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