Sunday, July 21

Forever In Your Heart

I never left
I kept telling you
I crawled into your skin
And became one with you
I'm not just yours
I'm only ever you
Where ever you go
There I am too

I came freely into your sight
To remind you that you are the light
Forever lit, I am with you
There's nothing for me to leave on for you
I never left
I keep telling you

We crawled, we walked
We shred the shackles around the heart
And now we glide side by side
You are the dream I live inside
You are the flight into new heights
You're not standing alone anymore
You are flying inside the love you adore

We don't have to hold anything
We don't have to remember
We are forever here in this present
As lover and beloved
Always one down in the heart
Darling, I'm forever in your heart
I'll never leave
I'll always remind you

~ (c) 2013 Kidest M.

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