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Forever In Your Heart

I never left
I kept telling you
I crawled into your skin
And became one with you
I'm not just yours
I'm only ever you
Where ever you go
There I am too

I came freely into your sight
To remind you that you are the light
Forever lit, I am with you
There's nothing for me to leave on for you
I never left
I keep telling you

We crawled, we walked
We shred the shackles around the heart
And now we glide side by side
You are the dream I live inside
You are the flight into new heights
You're not standing alone anymore
You are flying inside the love you adore

We don't have to hold anything
We don't have to remember
We are forever here in this present
As lover and beloved
Always one down in the heart
Darling, I'm forever in your heart
I'll never leave
I'll always remind you

~ (c) 2013 Kidest M.

Wonder Not Wander

I realized something recently - I stopped searching "out there" for things, for everything. I caught myself having interest only in the magic of being and having completely got over the wandering into thoughts of "what's happening over there." This to me is the beginning of trusting life completely, trusting that come what may and whatever comes this way, it is all so absolutely perfect that you can't help but just know that life is on your side, that it is life that's got your back. The things that come and the things that don't come are blessings equally, and for as long as you keep yourself in alignment with the higher energies of the unseen realms, your waking world unfolds in ways to continue fueling the journey of your heart.

It feels freeing to throw away your cares, your wanderings, your what if's, in favor of this knowing that all is well, all was well, and all will be well. You can know that, you know? You can feel into that reality th…

Immortal Fame

Entertainment is a funny culture to me - and not at all the arts and crafts of movies, the genius and coordination that goes into filming a story or putting on a great concert - the culture I'm writing about is all the fan-dom pandemonium that surrounds movies, their actors, musicians and their music. There's true appreciation and then there is freak-me-out crazy obsession. It's a very strange range of human behavior to witness in action. I've been physically present watching someone totally flip out because someone "famous" was in their sight. And for as much as I love observing, decoding, and understanding human behavior, this part of the reaction to someone "famous" is one that still leaves me to scratch my head. Like what is that person seeing in that moment? How are they perceiving this person and translating it in their minds eye?

Because in those moments, and there have been enough for me to repeatedly study this, what I see and what that per…

Catch A Feeling

I want to grab this feeling and write it down.

Today is all about laughter - the kind where you throw your head back, open wide and let it out loudly from deep within your belly. Laughing without reservation with the volume set to high - 'cause this is when we're high.

This is when you and I are the real you and I, this is when we find ourselves back to the real dance of being what we really are. The look, the sound, the feel of laughter...this is us.

And thank god for that.