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Twirling Maddness

I feel like putting on a flowy girly long dress, walking into the middle of a grassy field and twirling endlessly while my skirt skirts itself like the song of a sufi dancer. That's what I feel like today. That's what I used to do when I was six or seven years old. I've always loved spinning, twirling, getting dizzy. I'd put on one of the dresses that belonged to my mom, short on her, dragging on me, then I'd walk to the center of our gated neighborhood and spin myself, with no one around, with nothing else stirring around me but that feeling. That's what I feel like doing today. 'Cause it's good. Starting from the flustered hello's of the tattooed young man to the way my whole entire day has unfolded, that's what I feel called to do. Funny thing though, I don't have a long girly dress to twirl in. I need to get on that like stat!

On Magic and Books

Sometimes I forget just how magical I am. I really forget. I don't know why. Because it's just a fact of my existence. I am magical. Not unlike the mythical unicorns and faeries of old tales. I'm not convinced that they are tales anyway but that's a whole other thing. But then I'm reminded of it. Like I'll have a thought in some place and forget about it, I'll wish a wish, like a whimsical passing sigh-inducing kind of feeling that passes on, and I move on. And then somehow some way I'll end up back in that spot I made that wish, I felt that feeling, and lo and behold it has manifested into something magical, real, and tangible. It's like I'm this magical gardener who plants with thoughts and consumes with her senses the forms those thoughts have brought to life. I like it. I like it a whole lot. I have it in my heart to keep writing about that. I'm also reading a lot. I don't know what brought it on. And not like the non-fiction labo


Days like today say we're on the right track. Equal treatment, equal offering, equal support, equal opportunity for every being on the planet is not something that should ever be up for debate.

Unsent Letters

I'm dreaming of the South of France and Northern Italy. I'm dreaming of hopping flights to end up in scenes right out of my mind movie. I'm dreaming. I'm breathing. I'm living in between worlds that have gone And worlds that are coming. I'm seeing. You. Sometimes it feels like a wormhole of some kind had swallowed me and then has spit me back out. That's when I realize I wasn't here but now I am. It's a strange feeling, to go for days and days and wake up one morning feeling like...oh hey, I'm here. Where have I been? Maybe we all travel through time and space and universes as unseen parts of ourselves take on missions that are greater than our little minds can understand. So we feel partially here and partially somewhere that our conscious minds don't understand. And when these missionary parts of ourselves return, we feel like our whole selves again. Perhaps? I'm going to stop promising I'll stay in touch with everyone

Some Things Just Can't Be Written Off

Life is good. And quiet right now. It's always like this before things bubble up again and it gets even better. This is my birthday month after all. My days are spent working through my various commitments - jobs, clients, books, dog, exercise. That's the gist of what fills up my right now coloring book. That and text messaging with family. Things bubble and I get the usual preview of things to come, inklings of passing thoughts in someone else's mind, and I shrug to myself hoping my telepathic replies reach the intended destination as my relied upon words through this blog are few and far between. That and the dream-scapade are my chosen platforms of play and communication. Expect me there and you'll find lots more info than in this little corner of the internet. I get a lot done when the body appears to sleep. And I'm assured that it is a much more vivid and lifelike delivery system than our electronic world currently offers us. I've been off the int

Clean Energy, Clean Planet

We're going in the right direction: Germany has the world's first algae-powered building. The largest wind farm on the planet now sits in the southern hemisphere. France is building a completely solar-powered sports stadium scheduled to open in 2015. Algae powered building in Germany   Solar powered sports stadium (concept) - France