Friday, May 3

Follwing the Scent...of Jasmine

My jasmine plant is starting to flower. What I love is the way the smallest flower can take over my senses. It reminded me of a house I walk by regularly on my breaks at work.

I loved walking by it. And even more so once I learned the story of the man who lives there. One morning, as I was on my usual walk, a man was taking things out of a car parked at this Jasmine House, and putting them into his backpack. He greeted me joyfully. He kind of had that hippy gypsy like vibe with his bandena on his head and his Mountain Equipment Coop backpack.

I smiled and said hello, and thanked him for making my morning walks that much more enjoyable because of his Jasmine. He corrected me and said that this wasn't his house. It belonged to his friend who lets him park his car there. He goes on to tell me that the owner of the house is an architect who built and designed the house to be environmentally friendly. My heart smiles. This was just the meeting I needed.

That's when the solar panels on the roof caught my attention. He went on to tell me that the owner generates zero garbage and has a wood stove he uses to heat the house.

My heart smiles again. 

If we start looking, we will find inspiration to keep going on our chosen path, whatever that is, the universe is ever ready to guide us into the right meetings, the right conversations, the right and perfect moments to confirm to us and reflect to us that whatever we choose, we are supported.

I am so beyond grateful that there are already conscious beautiful human beings who are committed to minimizing their impact on this beautiful planet. I am both inspired and encouraged, awake and open, to the changes we are so capable of implementing in our day to day moments.

Here is to the paths laden with the scent of beautiful and inspiring things. Here is to every beautiful conscious human on this planet laying the grounds for a beautiful earth life and leading all of us by example.

Thank you for who you are being, what you are embodying, and what you are sharing.

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