Friday, May 31

Will you...prancercise with me?

This. This just makes me happy. I now envision a world of happy prancercisers every where.

Definitely one of my favorite humans on the planet.

Sunday, May 26

Licking SoulMates

Sometimes I meet people and sitting across from them looking into their eyes, glistening maybe from happiness or maybe from cannabis, hearing the details in their names or birthdays and jobs or where they've moved here from, I realize with deep giddiness just what the moment is.

Something that will only ever be significant to me. Something that will only ever hold meaning for me and the particular sequence of moments I have had up until this moment where I'm sitting here and they're sitting there and we're looking, laughing, and sharing.

And I want to reach across the table and lick this virtual stranger's face as my heart bubbles up with joy for what they represent.

But I don't.

Because for all intents and purposes that is (in)appropriate behavior reserved only for the closest of friends.


Sunday, May 19

I stop the world to blog

At times my blog feels like a body. I want to color it up. Paint its toes. Lotion up its elbows. And scrape off the dried eye goo from its eyes. I'm constantly posting. In so many angles both seen and unseen. Sharing is my nature and when I come to share and I look at my blog or whatever other else, and it just doesn't look like what I know it to changes. It doesn't reflect the frequency of my own changes but it changes  It changes in tone. In focus. In content. In color. In appearance. In readership.

The coolest thing over the years has been who reads these words. I don't know all of them. I know the friends who use it to stay in the loop of my shenanigans  since I still play the part of the busy i-hate-using-the-phone person. I'm grateful for them and love them. And then there are the rest of the eyes I may or may not ever get to meet. They are plastered around the globe from Beijing to Kazakhstan to Jaimaca. I don't know how they find me here. But they do. And have been for years.

This is the coolest thing ever to me.

I picture myself still blogging when I'm 80.

Here's to always having something to share!

Sunday, May 12

Queen of the Jungle

This one's for all the Queens of the Jungle and the way they know how to wear the mom's voice. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 8

Dangling Side Ways

I've been dangling my feet sitting on the tiny point of right now and right here.
I feel like I am a billion light years above the ground
Smiling brightly and looking down
And all I keep feeling while reeling in the magic of being
Is how ecstatic I am to be Here

Monday, May 6

The Fourth Act

Laundry sits fresh off the clothes hanger in my living room and the Buddha stares at me with his eyes closed.

I don't know where the past few days have gone, or where I've been (have I been?), I only know that it is all backwards now.

This is the most important change I've ever made.

It feels like I've shaved thirty two years off my back.

My apartment and everything in it needs a redo.

My belly needs emptying.

And I need to get myself to a desk before everything changes for the best.

Saturday, May 4

I am like Prozac

I got my 6 month review at my tech job. It was more like a high-five fest than anything else. My supervisor's unofficial comment was that I was like prozac for the environment. I just sat in my chair giggling and feeling all sorts of the warm fuzzies. That whole morning felt like an ocean of playfulness and happiness. I'm surrounded by people who can reflect that zing for life right back to me, and that just works to make the space around me that much more fun and infused with a kind of uncapped joy.

I don't try to be positive or work to look on the bright side of things. The world to me is a magical place, all I see is brightness, all I see is potential, all I see this something I can't for the life of me find all the words to describe - and if you notice it when you see me, or you feel uplifted, or you feel the happiness, it's THAT, that's what I'm looking at and communing with most of my moments - what touches you in those moments is this Thing that I'm aware of and see and recognize in everything. I can't tell you how often I fall in love with things inside myself. Even amidst all the crap we have unfolding in our world I'm so aware of the light and possibility in it all. We have work to do, yes, definitely, but we can do it while being in touch with this invisible but tangible thick like chocolate milk presence that has folded itself into everything.

The more I learn about our world, this shared space that is overflowing with life force in every direction, the more I can't help but see and fall madly in love with the hidden treasure that is most definitely in plain sight - this treasure is life itself, being alive, being here, being this inexplicable experiencers we all are. I look at pictures from when I was a kid, and all my baby one's are of me either grinning wildly like I'm so happy to be here or my eyes are wide and all you can see in them is that same happiness. I've concluded that I was just born to be happy. That's my purpose in the world. All the other stuff I do is just the icing on the cake, but my core purpose? Just to revel in the love affair with life, listening to the magic, and witnessing the power and light inside of me come into its fullness. The light inside of us, that is the source of happiness, joy, and is a wonder beyond all wonders.

I love it Here. So very much.

And it's with that love that this has been started:

It will be a space of inspiration, information, and empowerment toward and into the world we're so ready to all birth. I'll see you here, there, and everywhere in between.

in unfiltered happiness,

Friday, May 3

Follwing the Scent...of Jasmine

My jasmine plant is starting to flower. What I love is the way the smallest flower can take over my senses. It reminded me of a house I walk by regularly on my breaks at work.

I loved walking by it. And even more so once I learned the story of the man who lives there. One morning, as I was on my usual walk, a man was taking things out of a car parked at this Jasmine House, and putting them into his backpack. He greeted me joyfully. He kind of had that hippy gypsy like vibe with his bandena on his head and his Mountain Equipment Coop backpack.

I smiled and said hello, and thanked him for making my morning walks that much more enjoyable because of his Jasmine. He corrected me and said that this wasn't his house. It belonged to his friend who lets him park his car there. He goes on to tell me that the owner of the house is an architect who built and designed the house to be environmentally friendly. My heart smiles. This was just the meeting I needed.

That's when the solar panels on the roof caught my attention. He went on to tell me that the owner generates zero garbage and has a wood stove he uses to heat the house.

My heart smiles again. 

If we start looking, we will find inspiration to keep going on our chosen path, whatever that is, the universe is ever ready to guide us into the right meetings, the right conversations, the right and perfect moments to confirm to us and reflect to us that whatever we choose, we are supported.

I am so beyond grateful that there are already conscious beautiful human beings who are committed to minimizing their impact on this beautiful planet. I am both inspired and encouraged, awake and open, to the changes we are so capable of implementing in our day to day moments.

Here is to the paths laden with the scent of beautiful and inspiring things. Here is to every beautiful conscious human on this planet laying the grounds for a beautiful earth life and leading all of us by example.

Thank you for who you are being, what you are embodying, and what you are sharing.

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