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Vibrational Spa Dates

Every once and again I link up with my heart-sisters scattered across the planet, usually in the form of a skype group call. Who ever can make it makes it and we play catch up based on a theme one of us is inspired to explore. I had no intention of making it to this one as I'd be at work for the agreed upon time.

Well lo and behold I got to go home early that day without any effort on my part. I'd forgotten about the call or anything else related to it. I came home and got myself a copy of Words, the movie with Bradley Cooper. I had the intention of watching it later in the day or in the week. I looked at the time and it's mid-day for me. Sweet, I have a whole afternoon to myself. My mom texts me right then. It's been a few weeks since we've touched base so she's waiting for me on Skype. So I get on Skype, which she adorably sometimes calls Skip, and there are messages about the group call. I look at the time and realize I will actually be home and can make it. I wrap it up with my mom, take my dog for a walk, get my endorphin's going with a good workout and grab my dinner. I'm ready!

Before we start the call one of the ladies posts about how she loves the trailer for Words and links us to it. I laugh. This is how we always flow, on similar if not the same wavelength.

The conversation starts with what we think about reality and fiction, how they show up for us. I chime in and I express that to me, what we're taught to be fiction and fantasy is actually the reality and what we're taught is the reality is the fiction. This holds true for me more and more each day as I witness the world of my imagination take shape into my moments. This goes double to what I get to witness with my clients as we work together. Synchronicity. Shock. Confirmation. Awe. Excitement. All of it is a daily visitor of my waking world. Dreams don't come true, they are already true. Dreams to me, those things you wish for, are like memories of events that have happened somewhere in this complex continuous web of time and space. They are real. The line between fiction and reality is drawn the wrong way as we're taught to perpetuate a false experience of limitation.

One of the ladies replies - "is that in a blog?"

Well, now it is. 

I may have blogged about this before but I can't recall so here I am again expressing this reversal of a paradigm we've been taught is the way things are. We are taught that limitation is a reality. We are taught that settling is the reality. We are taught that the cards that you are dealt with are it, that you are dealt them from the outside - that you just have to make do. We are taught en masse that things don't always work out for everyone. Fate and destiny are held to be powers imposed upon you where you have no say in how your life-boat is steered in this creative living river of a Universe.

Not so! Not so! Not so!

Everyone that's called bullshit on this premise has taught, expressed, and painted a picture of a world, an expanse, that is an inexplicable canvas where your imagination, your feelings, your inner seeing can, if you allow it, plaster itself as your world. Not as some delusional private world that no one else but you can see, but as a shared reality everyone participates in. I recall an interview Will Smith did, about how he finds there is almost a delusional like quality to those who succeed in living their dreams - they hold on fastly to what they see with their inner vision. And there kind of is in the beginning what may appear to be a delusional awareness, where you can't explain how you know that what is not yet visible will become visible, and what you don't yet have in your hands will come to stand in your hands. But it's more than that - it's this inner knowing of how things really work, an ancient understanding you've always carried with you. And to be honest, who cares if you come off as crazy? If you know what you know, who do you have to answer to at the end of the day? Every great feat of our world began with someone willing to be crazy enough to dream a different dream.

Fate and destiny make use of you as you make use of them. Nothing in this world is an imposition - everything is a co-creative dance between you, your heart, your mind, and this unknown force of a universe showing up as your world.

I hold that if we pay attention to how we are moved and how life moves in us, we will understand that our understandings of fiction and reality have been reversed, for we, have always been the paint with which we color our world.

Our group call just grew from there as we collectively oooo'd and aahh'd over how our individual lives continue to unfold synchronisitcally with an awareness of our creative place that both grows us and grows inside of us. One of the ladies felt like she was at a vibrational spa. And that's exactly what it felt like, we were in this relaxation and elevation saturated bubble that lifted all of us into our inner radiance.

It was a fantastic call.


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