Sunday, April 28

This HoneyMoon Phase

I completely forgot about this book until I was reminded of Don't Wake Me from this Dream. In the song is a line that says "this honeymoon phase, I hope it lasts forever, I hope these fuzzy feelings never fade" - well right around the time the song first got played I heard about Bruce Lipton's new book. It caught my attention only because it talked directly about the honeymoon phase. It's called the Honeymoon Effect: the Science of Creating Heaven on Earth.

This was something I'd never thought about before. As much as I understand and teach that we have complete power in the states of being we move ourselves into, I hadn't yet thought about the possibility that in a relationship, we can create and maintain whatever states we desire, and that we often unconsciously do.

No relationship pattern is imposed upon us - it is something we co-create, sustain, and cycle internally.

How empowering is it to wake up to that?

Funny how these things unfold, how you can't get a song out of your head or you fall in love with its lines, only then to draw into your life the means to maintain whatever state you were just humming about.

So really, you can even sing how:
...this honeymoon phase
I can make it last forever
I can make these fuzzy feelings
never fade

The Universe so readily reminds us that you can make it yours, you can make it last, you can throw it out the window, because it's all in your hands.

I. Love. This.

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