Monday, April 8

The Right Kind of Planet

RKOP - right kind of planet

This is an idea that's brewing in my heart-mind right now, and has been for a little while. At first I thought I'd love to work for/with Jason on creating some sort of street team or group or forum where the conscious planeteers of our community could gather to heart-storm and brain-storm up solutions and points of action on how we can (continue to) contribute to and influence changes in support of reducing our footprints, supporting our local farms and establishments, and creating a culture of conscious consumption...having a co-creative space where we can acknowledge what we are doing and look to grow into what we could be doing. I know many of the people of the rkop community already consciously choose to be the change, and thought it would really create a growing collective of change makers.

I was waiting to think about and feel into this consciousness that's been bubbling up inside of me, pushing it aside for a few months until I made contact with him and told him about it. And then today, something changed. This idea, desire, thought just pushed itself through and out, this blog being its fourth appearance.

I don't yet know what this will form into, I do recognize the energy, drive, and the feeling of purposefulness behind it. I'll keep feeling into it and actioning it in any way that I can.

I know at the very least, I will have grown and learned in the process!

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