Thursday, April 25

Speak for Me

There comes a point where you cease going to your projections for validation of any kind. That's a good point to find yourself standing on.

What is a shadow? How can that ever be a true source of validation? You must look to the Unknown. Look deep into Its eyes and find the only Truth that rests beyond the world of mind.

We are, in a lot of ways, taught to continually go "out there" for answers, for support, for connection, for acknowledgement. And while on a certain level connections are delicious and extensions of acknowledgment can reflect to you more than you expect, ultimately the primary source of true and complete satisfaction is entirely within. If you forget this, you will forever be leaving the source of deep inescapable bliss for shadows born of barren lands. Look not to the meaningless for answers. Always go back to the source.

Between intuition and what you access when you are in meditation, whether walking or sitting, or simply being in your being, it's as clear as ever to me that the greatest support seeps on in not always through faces you know but through avenues and mediums you never expected to come to face with.

I look at the world that has formed before me and I can see it as clear as day. And where certain matters are concerned all the answers I could ever need are directly in plain sight, elegantly and brightly being showcased before my very eyes by the brilliant dance of light that is my life. I connect the dots and put the pieces a cosmic hand hands over to me. I keep quiet and do my work and let the story speak for me.

That I am loved by a love greater than any shadow could ever portray, is a matter of fact displayed at all hours of the day.And I am starting at it with all of my eyes wide open.

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