Sunday, April 21

Not Earth DAY, Earth LIFETIME

It makes more sense to treat the earth with respect and consciousness every single day that you are on it than on one arbitrary day every year. We have some really weird traditions. Turn off equipment, power, electricity you don't need every day. Reduce your waste and dependence on plastic every day. Recycle every day. Re-purpose everyday. Consume water consciously every day. All of it. Every. Day.

You want to be fit? Then just have one day a year dedicated to good eating habits and exercise.

You want to know more and learn more? Then just have one day a year dedicated to learning and knowing.

You want to live your dreams? Then just have one day in the year dedicated to making them come true.

Yeah, it sounds absurd when you put it that way right?

Change comes when you make that change a lifestyle, a living practice, a way of being in the world. 

It applies every which way you can look at it. 

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