Monday, April 22

Going the Distance

Ever wonder why it is we know what we know? I met with my personal trainer to go over how to do my set of workouts properly, and I'm still sore in very strange places.

Firstly, I learned that I know nothing about the body and how it runs. I knew nothing about big muscles and small muscles and learned things that as I absorbed made a lot of sense to me. Most of my life I've been a mental acrobat. Ideas, thinking, writing, using my mind and being my mind come easily. My body? It takes some conscious paying attention to, in a way that I didn't always know how to be in it. I used to work out regularly in high school and I for the most part have been skinny most of my life. But that doesn't necessarily mean fitness. 

Somewhere along the way I completely unlearned what I knew about fitness. And while I pay attention to what I eat because I'm vegetarian, I don't really pay attention to my level of fitness. That all came to light when I tried to do laps in the pool and was exhausted within fifteen minutes. It woke me up. So I committed to being strong in body - it's great that I can walk for hours or enjoy movement, but I am inspired to kick that up more notches than I'm comfortable with. I don't know why, but I feel it and trust it, and so am busting myself to achieve a new level of fitness.

Strong in mind, definitely.
Strong in heart, work on it everyday.
Strong in body, on it to own it.

Whatever it is I welcome this.

Lately my drive has also been different. So has my level of irritation but that's an easy fix. My interests have been different. I look at myself with little recognition, in a good way, in a way that's surprising to me just how much energy I have to extend myself in the various branches I'm extending myself. And in the process I'm learning the art of not over-committing. That was a good lesson.

I don't know where it's going, but what I'm sure of is the trust I have in life and my own being.

We have to trust those inspired impulses, listen carefully to the pulls and synchronicity showing up. There's a message in them, an extension from a different realm, guidance, and support all wrapped up in the same candy wrapper.

I'm listening, I'm being guided, I'm letting myself go the full distance.

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