Wednesday, April 10

Do you love the Earth?

Living where I live, I get to wake up each day to a nature abundant environment. I am grateful for this and often find myself awe struck and my breath stolen by the beauty of this planet I get to be on. I often find myself saying - I love this planet, I love this earth, I love this home.

Questions and conversations around "green" movements to me include creating awareness around this one thing - our awareness of our love for the earth.

Do you love the Earth?
Do you love being on this planet?

From my observation, our love for our home isn't or doesn't seem to be at the forefront of our collective awareness. Many are so absorbed in the moment to moment minute details of human life, that this broader question of: "do I love being on this planet? Do I love this earth?" isn't a point of reflection.

I feel it - I feel that if we were truly aware of how we feel about being on this planet, how we feel about the Earth, if we were taught to think and consider that in schools, then our relationship with the planet, with the earth, with our environment would be different. Our relationship with being here, living off of this great and beautiful expanse of elements, would be a conscious one.

So I wonder if that has to be included in our green conversations.

Do you love being here? Do you love living on earth?

And if you were fully aware of how much you love living on this planet and being here today, what would you do differently?

We've created a culture of calling those that remind and invite us into this question "hippies" and "tree huggers" so as to not really allow ourselves to look at how careless and clueless we have been allowed to be about one of the most important relationship in our lives. The call to change our impact is a call for us to wake up to this important relationship.

And that's where a shift is needed - because when we are in love with something and when we come into awareness of how that something is already loving us, that awareness inspires us into behaving differently, into behaving with love instead of disregard and unconsciousness.It is where we love, and when we love, that we show up responsible.

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