Saturday, March 23

This Love Is On

I feel a great love brewing
I feel it in my bones
Where ever you are my heart
There I am most at home

I heard you but I didn't listen
When you wrote about how you adored me
I was looking but I didn't see it
The love you were extending so freely

You blew away my ego
As all it kept saying was no
And you elevated my heart
In this love that's a work of art

You brought me into being
In this world we are dreaming
I once felt so far away
Traveling  galaxies, you brought me to stay

You floor me with your telepathy
And your heightened heart alchemy
A reader of light so clear
The beauty being, you were never not here

You put on the hair I like
Top it off with that hat
Your eyes are lit with love
And I'm all ready to start

Do you feel like starting something?
Do you feel like taking my hand?
What was that thing you said
About the ocean and the sand?

I feel you in my breath
I feel you in my chest
I feel you in everything
And in that I know I am blessed

~ This Love is On ~
(c) Kidest, March 23, 2013

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