Monday, March 4

Once Upon A Muse

once I was a muse
now I am a friend
then I will borrow a heart
that I don't intend to return
~ Kidest 
March, 2013

I think if what you're doing in your world always seems normal and sane and "just like you" to those that know you best, then you're not pushing out your boundaries of being enough, you're not growing yourself into new spheres of being and experience.

I don't know how healthy a precedent it is to state that for myself but I recognize how many times I've heard "this isn't like you" or "Kid this is crazy" to know that those are the exact moments that moved me into bigger playing fields of being, of seeing, of feeling, of living. And I love that.

It's not that I propose a life of recklessness, but more so occasions of it where you do what you don't expect yourself to do, you say what you don't expect yourself to say, you live what you don't expect yourself to live. There's actually no such thing as recklessness outside of the word recklessness. We confine ourselves with false prisons, the expectations and definitions in our own minds, those around us, our cultures, our overall social world. But we are not at all creatures meant to be imprisoned in this way. Freedom is what we have and what we're after in so many ways.

I feel that we are healthiest when we afford ourselves opportunities to do and be the unexpected, the unpredictable. It short-circuits the left-brain and teaches us to know that there is always so much more than our comfort zones would allow us to explore and to live.

Every moment is a wide open opportunity to live the cageless way.

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