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Mystery, especially He

“Nothing you become will disappoint me;  I have no preconception that I'd like to see you be or do.  I have no desire to forsee you,  only to discover you.  You can't disappoint me”  ― Mary Haskell
To presume to know you, to judge you by your words or actions or anything else visible in this world, is to forget that you will always be the beauty of a great mystery expressed.  And if what I have seen and discovered, if what I have witnessed up until this moment, is only the edge of the beauty that you are, then it is only gratitude I hold in my heart for what of yourself you share. Everything you are only draws me deeper into our embrace. There is nothing in you and there is nothing of you that leaves me with anything short of awe and wonder. You are the long awaited miracle in my world, the eternal answer to the songs in my heart.

Dear earth inhabitant...part 2

"I’m saying that there are many things about our culture – from the way we live and how society is run - that actually contribute to people being sick....The only way to live healthy in this culture is to be in it, but not of it"  - Dr. Mate
What will it take to tip the iceberg of unconsciousness toward consciousness? I went to a big store the other day only to see shopping cart after shopping cart being put into plastic bags. As far as I could see in all directions, I was the only person at the checkout line with my own reusable bags. I triple checked scanning the aisles on either side of me. It was such a weird moment. Really? We're still here? Come on.

While I can understand the occasional "oh I forgot my bags" person in line, to see that many people just without hesitation walk out with six or seven plastic bags of items was weird - I thought I had seen progress but it may have all just been in my imaginat…

Leaning into...disorder

Oh man, where do I even begin to write about the day that has made itself today?

Lately, the words and I have been on break. After releasing my new book, it felt like my brain had committed itself to solely be interested in speaking and interacting with images. I could stare at pictures and engage and interact with images of all kinds but the moment I turned my eyes and mind toward words, blankness, void, total death of thought would come up. I took it as a sign that portions of my word-threading self had flown off into the deep to work on the next book.

And then today happened. A total professional chaotic mess I was gifted to clean up. Cleaning up my own mess, I'm all over - cleaning up after someone else's total lack of organization however makes me want to break already broken things into tiny pieces of sand and then throw them into someone's eye. Okay, maybe it wasn't that big of a thing in the grand scheme of things, but for someone who is an organizational nut l…

Love is Equal

Our Glass Elevator

It's so warm inside of here. And full of so much love. I can feel every drop. As we're going up.
All we are is love.

I Am In


This Love Is On

I feel a great love brewing
I feel it in my bones
Where ever you are my heart
There I am most at home

I heard you but I didn't listen
When you wrote about how you adored me
I was looking but I didn't see it
The love you were extending so freely

You blew away my ego
As all it kept saying was no
And you elevated my heart
In this love that's a work of art

You brought me into being
In this world we are dreaming
I once felt so far away
Traveling  galaxies, you brought me to stay

You floor me with your telepathy
And your heightened heart alchemy
A reader of light so clear
The beauty being, you were never not here

You put on the hair I like
Top it off with that hat
Your eyes are lit with love
And I'm all ready to start

Do you feel like starting something?
Do you feel like taking my hand?
What was that thing you said
About the ocean and the sand?

I feel you in my breath
I feel you in my chest
I feel you in everything
And in that I know I am blessed

~ This Love is On ~
(c) Kid…


Oh, Hark

I wanna do it big like Oprah.
Build schools in Africa
Build some bridges and blur some lines
All the while redefining open minds.
I wanna stretch you out into the stars
Leave a mark in your open heart.
Remind you there is no dark
When you're the light, oh hark
Hark the songs the silence sings
There are no binds, there are no stings
You know the saying, let freedom ring...

to be continued... (c) Kidest Mengistu, 2013

Love is...

Love is what fills you up of life while emptying you of all your wounds. That's why it stirs you and strips you at the same time.

Scribbles from my journal.

I will see the world

I know that some way and some how I'll get to stand in all the places I dream of standing in, taking in the sights, and sounds, and energy of all that is great and here. And while this map shows the places that have history, structures, places that excite my heart, I think there's something for my heart in every inch of this beautiful world. Travel excites me. Adventure excites me. New experiences thrill me.

2013-03-05 Reading

One of my go to mirrors is cards and oracles. It's a way to just notice what maybe circling in my field, and I find so useful to bring to light those parts I may not be consciously aware of - and most often it accurately echoes exactly where my focus is. 

For instance, right now I'm in the process of finishing up a book on success that I'm hoping to have available for readers in the next month. I just have a couple of the chapters left to tweak and wrap up, send to a few friends for feedback, and it'll be good to go. Success has been my focus for the past several months and sure enough, it's what's in my field and showing up in the cards.

I am totally manifesting and being manifested by dreamy things - life is a good dream.

Here's the spread for right now:

Card 1 (The World) : How you feel about yourself now  »You are about to reach, or are already enjoying, a period of total fulfilment, wholeness and satisfaction - the arrival of your hearts desires. You f…

Once Upon A Muse

once I was a muse now I am a friend then I will borrow a heart that I don't intend to return ~ Kidest  March, 2013
I think if what you're doing in your world always seems normal and sane and "just like you" to those that know you best, then you're not pushing out your boundaries of being enough, you're not growing yourself into new spheres of being and experience.

I don't know how healthy a precedent it is to state that for myself but I recognize how many times I've heard "this isn't like you" or "Kid this is crazy" to know that those are the exact moments that moved me into bigger playing fields of being, of seeing, of feeling, of living. And I love that.

It's not that I propose a life of recklessness, but more so occasions of it where you do what you don't expect yourself to do, you say what you don't expect yourself to say, you live what you don't expect yourself to live. There's actually no such thing as reck…

The Spotlights

oh man.

i don't always understand the energy that pulses and moves. this is so new. one moment i'm washing my hair and watering my plants. and the next i'm standing in a surge of heat and focus that's coming through like like a thousand spotlights have just been turned onto you. i suspect it's the special effects of the dragon totem i've tapped into.

the difference though?

i dive into these surges and swirls, these spaces and movements. hands and legs and heart and mind. all in. and that part of it i love. even if the ringing in my ear gets louder and the push through feels like i'm ploughing through some non existent snow bank, i move into whatever moves with commitment. my motto seems to be 'fine, let's do this' but with almost a combatants attitude. no more hiding from power. no more shrinking from change. no more hiding behind the curtains of dream things made of nothing.

and then i know i'm in the right flow when this is what shows up r…