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I knew nothing about Valentines day when I first moved to North America. There was no such thing in my culture, so I was beyond stoked at this expressiveness of love, friendship, and togetherness when a bunch of my 5th grade classmates came flooding into my world with little cute cards and candy my first year on this side of the pond.

And at this point in my life, anything to do with cultivating love awareness whether directed inwardly at the love of self or outwardly toward an apparent other, is a blessing no matter how it is expressed.

Some odd thoughts on Valentine's Day
by Jean Houston
"Who is your double in the extended realms of the Soul? For whom are you here as the asymmetrical partner, the exotype of the archetype? Who or what is it that is yearning for you, calling to you, the Beloved you are always trying to remember?" 

The remembrance, discovery and development of this union enables the emergent creative forms of the depth world, the world of your archetypal Beloved, to enter into you and, by extension, to enter into time and space. Thus the critical importance of
the yearning for the great communion which completes our reality and causes the patterns of essential and existential realms to connect.

The great desire for the Beloved of the Soul, while always present, emerges from backgound to foreground when civilizations undergo whole system transitions. This occurred in the ecumenical and cosmopolitan culture of the Hellenistic Roman empire when, with the relative freedom of movement and cultural interchange, people were free to pursue the spiritual and psychological realities of other cultures. At the same time, the Mystery religions, with their emphasis upon dramatic inward journeys of anguish, grief, loss, redemption, joy and ecstasy of union with the archetypal Beloved gave people a sense of deeper identity, deeper belonging.

Today the movement is even more profound, for we are moving from cosmopolitan to planetary culture, with a convergence of the sharing of the whole palette of human culture, beliefs, and practices. There is occurring, as well, a revolution in the relationship between men and women, and a revisioning of forms of friendship and community. A new natural philosophy of love seems to be on the rise everywhere. It belongs perhaps to a "geo-theology" of love as the creative force in evolution, the Spirit as the lure of becoming, finding renewed expression in the rising archetype of the Beloved of the Soul. When the world is trying to coalesce into a new and higher unity for which we are seemingly unprepared, the only preparatory force that is emotionally powerful enough to call us to re-educate ourselves for sacred stewardship is the communion and partnership with the Beloved.

There is a delightful story about this partnership. A young man in Northern India went on retreat with a master of Bhakti yoga (the yoga of love and devotion). The master told the young man to go into a secluded room and just think about love for a while.

After a few minutes the young man came out and sheepishly told the master that he couldn't concentrate because he was worrying about the precious little bull he was raising and for whom he cared so much. The Master told him that that was just wonderful for now he had an object of meditation.

"Go back in the room and meditate on how much you love your little bull."

The young man did as he was told. Hours went by, and the young man did not emerge from the room. A whole day and night passed and still he stayed there. After 24 hours had gone by the master peeked into the room and saw the young man sitting there, lost in meditation, a beatific smile on his face.

"Why don't you come out and have something to eat," he inquired.

"Oh, I cannot, Master," said the young man, beaming with happiness. "My horns are too large to fit through the door."

I am grateful that everything I've ever been told or taught about relationships, about men, about women, wasn't it and that we are in a time of redefining so many of the concepts that were the basis of a world steeped in separateness and limitation. Dig enough into yourself and you will know that the truest partnership you can ever step into, is the partnership with the Living Light of your own being...which reveals itself as the Living Light in all.

May all beings be blessed, lifted, and nourished by the love that lives us all ways.

Happy Valentines Day ~ K.


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