Saturday, February 9

Finally Here

It's Saturday night and I feel so light
Dropped in my heart and I took to flight
Right over to you
And I'm coming through

Time stands still as you feel me
Wrapped in the colors of our destiny
I'm all you've known
I'm all you've seen
From yesterday and all eternity
And here we are both
Floating out in the atmosphere

I'm sitting here and you're lying there
Working out this rendez vous
Not knowing if we're coming through
Yeah, you're coming through

We let go of the memory
That told us absence was a reality
Now all we know is our inseparability
And now we see we're both right Here

It's a lot of laughter and a lot of awe
A little bit of crying and a little bit of sighing
'Cause finally, finally we are  right Here
Finally, oh finally, w're both so clear

~ Kidest Aum
Feb.09 2013

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