Wednesday, February 13

Cure for Headaches

It's been a weird stretch of moments of late. I keep hitting my head, literally. I flung myself off the edge of the bed and ended up flipping head first onto the floor. WTF. I underestimated how close to the edge I was sitting so when I leaned back to get something, boom-smack-thump. My dog ran out of the bedroom freaked out because of how all of a sudden I went from sitting and doing arts and crafts to cirque du soleil-ing myself onto the floor. I laid there until the dizziness went away and was just like...umm. Funny thing then is that my headache went away.

But it happened again only this time I ran my head into someone's arm. I normally wouldn't care except for the repeated after-effect on my head and vision.

Dear self. Get it together. There are better healthier ways to enter into altered states of consciousness or cure headaches. I would much rather opt out for a nice sit down meditation or energy session to reach whatever I need to reach than flinging my head into hard objects. Request sumbitted.

"I'd like to keep my head in tact" Kidest

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