Sunday, January 20

the ground of limitless creativity

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Emerson 

(I needed more room to finish this thought.)

This, to me, is the essence of true creativity. Not to repeat and recreate what has already been done, not to parrot and regurgitate what has already been said, but to bring to life new ways of seeing, being, living in this playfield that is our life's stage.

Birth from the unknown and be birthed by it in each and every blessed moment. Let go of going by what's been said and done. Let go of going by the apparent rules, means, and paths that are said to be the way and the how of this world. And instead create anew, new rules, new means, new ways, new platforms - untouched by the hands of familiarity.

We are Here to be Sourced by and to Source from the Unknown - this is the ground of limitless creativity!

Limitless and unbounded we are free to draw from the ocean of infinite creative intelligence and bring that on through to here. To repeat and recreate what's already been made visible is to perpetuate limitation, to stay in the same loop of the conscious mind. To demonstrate, or to materialize, from this vast unknown on the otherhand, is to demonstrate godliness.

We succumb to the practice of merely perpetuating the creative exploits of beings that have come before us - we've taken on rules, ideas, that were left here for us and have donned them like valuable heirlooms holding to the notion that they are the beginning and the end of what we can know, what we can be, what we can manifest in this world. We call those that go where there is no path pioneers, rule-breakers, and hero's and yet, in my eyes, that is the destiny of every heart and mind - to really blaze a unique trail of creativity in the world.

Nothing that's been said is the final word.
Nothing that's been done is the only act.
Nothing that's been demonstrated is the only possibility.

Source from the Infinite Unknown and be Sourced by it also. Go into the Unfamiliar. There is no end in sight to the creative intelligence you can uniquely materialize in this realm of never ending wonder.


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