Sunday, January 27

Glory Being You

What if you clothed yourself in thoughts of the extraordinary?

You can tell the thoughts an individual is holding onto simply by looking at them. No matter what is said or not said, we paint ourselves with our thoughts - our thoughts of life, our thoughts of our experiences, our thoughts of our own being, our thoughts of our achievements and the endless flow of waking reality we use to inform and define ourselves by.

We have the option to drop everything of the limited and let ourselves be defined by the limitless. We have the option to let go of all self definition and self judgement and make way for the expressiveness of the indefinable. We have the option to cease being defined by the past or the future or the world of temporary passing changing things. We have the option to be born of the Infinite in this moment rather than being born of the mind, the world, the temporary.

Why be bound by the confines of the unreal when the real awaits to rewrite us anew?

Every moment we are new. With every breath we are new. In every second we are new.

What if you clothed yourself only in this ever new miraculousness?
What if you recognized only the infinite capacity within yourself for intelligence, grace, beauty, creativity, right here and now?
What if you at once saw the radiance that bursts through your eyes awaiting your own recognition?

Miracles are you.
Grace is you.
Beauty is you.
Creativity is you.
Intelligence is you.
Limitlessness is you.
Infinity is you.

You are the Supreme expressiveness of life, the source and resource of all that is, was, and will be. Let go of the false definitions. Let go of the false bars that would say you are defined by the temporary passing showcase of form. You are always the more-ness that cannot be contained in form. Touch the formless in yourself and let that be your only source of self definition.

I bow to the glorious in you.


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