Sunday, January 6

Divine Destiny

What I have observed and what I want to make known in our world is this:

Life is so playful and so joyful and so fun loving in layers upon layers; the mysterious and the obvious, the visible and the invisible, is all an echo of this deep eternal belly laugh that Creation is engaged in. I look at my own experiences and they are riddled with amazing intricate beautiful Intelligence that's just resonating this pure unconditional joyful love to me - in all of existence there is this endless chant and echo that says "you are loved, you are loved, I rejoice in your being, you are loved."

How do we bring ourselves to listen to only this?

In our world, in our field, we have created monstrous thoughts that negate the beauty, divinity, perfection of all that is created. And yet even these unsightly monstrous thoughts we let fill our being are made of the very creative fabric of brilliance that we ourselves are made of. When we awaken to that, every weighted thought is lightened, every unlovely thought is awakened, for as we awaken from our soul sleep so do all of our creations.

You have never gotten anything wrong. There is no part of you that is exempt from the deep adoration that is your birthright. There is no aspect of you, past or present, seen or unseen, that isn't worthy of divine recognition. I See You. Do you see You? Let your light of unconditional acceptance shine on all parts of your being and you will let this cosmic loving touch you to the bone.

I think we are all here to be tickled by life, tickled by the magic that is born inside of us breath after breath. Magic lives us. Magic breathes us. Magic propels and drives us into the Infinite assemblance of Sound and Light that paints the cosmos as such. We are loved down to the last atom we take as our self. Nothing is excluded from this love, no part of us, no thought we have ever thought or no deed we have ever done is excluded from this all-encompassing all-inclusive adoration that is constantly swirling all around us.

For all the seriousness and wrongfulness we are awake to, we must equally be awake to the bountiful silliness and unconditional acceptance that births us all.

Be giddy for all that you have been no matter what. Be giddy. Love every part. Laugh at every part. Embrace and delight at all of your shades and shadows.

It is all Divine Destiny.

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