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Beside You, Inside You

Where could I go, that you are not?
Where could I be, that you are not?
We come and go together
We ebb and flow as one
We are formed and clothed together
Forever standing in the light of the sun
Where ever you go, I go
Wherever you are, I am
Where ever you stand, I land
As the ground you are standing upon
If I am to fly free,
then it's with you as my wings
If I am to come to rest,
then it's inside of you that I sleep
You are all the love there is
You are everything that I am
There is no coming
And there is no going
Without You

~ Kidest, January 2013

Going Growing Glowing Up

"When the woman has found the superior world, the man must not expect her personal love unless he also goes up to live in the same world. It is simply fair that he should do so. The woman who lives in a small world must not expect the love of a man who lives in a great world. He would lose much of his greatness if he should give his personal love to such a woman.The tendency of all life is onward and upward. Therefore, to ask anything to come down is to violate the very purpose of existence. If we wish to be with the higher, the greater and the superior, we must change ourselves and become higher, greater and superior; and this we all can do." - Christian D Larsen This is what I've lived, and when I read what I've lived through the words on pages, I take second notice in the lesson. I watched myself easily turn away from the pull of a sweet heart. It was an instant "no I'm not interested" - not only because I already feel myself spiritually coupled wit…

Glory Being You

What if you clothed yourself in thoughts of the extraordinary?

You can tell the thoughts an individual is holding onto simply by looking at them. No matter what is said or not said, we paint ourselves with our thoughts - our thoughts of life, our thoughts of our experiences, our thoughts of our own being, our thoughts of our achievements and the endless flow of waking reality we use to inform and define ourselves by.

We have the option to drop everything of the limited and let ourselves be defined by the limitless. We have the option to let go of all self definition and self judgement and make way for the expressiveness of the indefinable. We have the option to cease being defined by the past or the future or the world of temporary passing changing things. We have the option to be born of the Infinite in this moment rather than being born of the mind, the world, the temporary.

Why be bound by the confines of the unreal when the real awaits to rewrite us anew?

Every moment we are new…

Plants And Me

There went another one yesterday to my great disappointment. I drowned another plant. While the plants and herbs out on my balcony are fine, my indoor one's are in a rotation of experimental trial and error. Some are doing great - my hassle free bamboo, my jasmine, aloe, and this tropical plant are great and have continued to be great. Other's on the other hand seem to only last in my keep much shorter than I'd like.

The first plant, a banana tree which I absolutely loved, rotted. Rookie mistake - I hadn't drilled holes in the pot it was in. Yep. New to indoor houseplants over here, I had no idea what you were supposed to do. And so it drowned in stagnant water and turned into mush right before my eyes. Disappointed, and having learned, I tried again with a different plant. And again it just didn't last very long before it too fell apart in its pot. About three or four months and then poof. So I tried again and brought it something else.

Then yesterday I woke up to…

Choosing You

You think it's just you choosing someone or something. Until you realize this something or someone is also choosing you.
And then you awaken to the reality, it is you choosing yourself in the illusion of being two...two people, two events, two-ness or multiplicity being your dream of separateness.
What you want, wants you. What wants you, you want. In the end, it's the same You on all sides of the equation.
All of it is the same movement of love, of consciousness, of life, in the guise of two-ness.
This is the dream you dream as us, we, you and me.
Everything is alive. Everything is you.
And of course, What I choose is You.

the ground of limitless creativity

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Emerson 
(I needed more room to finish this thought.)

This, to me, is the essence of true creativity. Not to repeat and recreate what has already been done, not to parrot and regurgitate what has already been said, but to bring to life new ways of seeing, being, living in this playfield that is our life's stage.

Birth from the unknown and be birthed by it in each and every blessed moment. Let go of going by what's been said and done. Let go of going by the apparent rules, means, and paths that are said to be the way and the how of this world. And instead create anew, new rules, new means, new ways, new platforms - untouched by the hands of familiarity.

We are Here to be Sourced by and to Source from the Unknown - this is the ground of limitless creativity!

Limitless and unbounded we are free to draw from the ocean of infinite creative intelligence and bring that on through to here. To repe…

Dreaming Strange Dreams

So until the end we are asleep, dreaming strange dreams. We dream we are in prison and we dream that we are free. We dream we have money and we dream we are poor, and whatever we identify ourselves with, we externalize.- Neville
This is really all it comes down to. Dream it any way you want it - 'cause it's yours to do with as you so please. In the end, waking up is all that's left to do, so in the meantime, dream it big and dream it good, sprinkle it with all the wonder that makes your insides turn into fire.  It's all very much worth it ;)

Self Shining Sun

Glimpses of Self And the world dissolves  In you There is no greater Sight or height Attention down to  The Heart  And up into Space  You are only Everywhere There is nothing like This Everything is This

3 Suggestions

I have 3 suggestions posted in my bedroom in three frames.

Speak as a Master speaks.
Move as a Master moves.
Live as a Master lives.

The worthwhile goal of any endeavor,  in my view, is mastery. Mastery isn't dominion. It is a full merger, a full becoming of that thing you want to master. You move yourself into whatever 'it' is for you, to the point you realize I Am That. There is no longer a 'you' and an 'it'.

A few days ago I vertically fell on the framed 'Live as a Master Lives'.

Nothing has been the same since.

Out beyond the realms of waking, dreaming, sleeping, story weaving, rests a point of awakening from it all.

On Strength

Man is ever in search of strength. It is the strong man that wins. It is the man with power that scales the heights. To be strong is to be great; and it is the privilege of greatness to satisfy every desire, every aspiration, every need. But strength is not for the few alone; it is for all, and the way to strength is simple. Proceed this very moment to the mountain tops of the strength you now possess, and whatever may happen do not come down. Do not weaken under adversity. Resolve to remain as strong, as determined and as highly enthused during the darkest night of adversity as you are during the sunniest day of prosperity. Do not feel disappointed when things seem disappointing. Keep the eye single upon the same brilliant future regardless of circumstances, conditions or events. Do not lose heart when things go wrong. Continue undisturbed in your original resolve to make all things go right. To be overcome by adversity and threatening failure is to lose strength; to always remain i…


I don't know.
Images stream
eyes open
cast off the covers
nothing is working
have to be up in the morning
can't sleep
the songs start
try again

Divine Destiny

What I have observed and what I want to make known in our world is this:

Life is so playful and so joyful and so fun loving in layers upon layers; the mysterious and the obvious, the visible and the invisible, is all an echo of this deep eternal belly laugh that Creation is engaged in. I look at my own experiences and they are riddled with amazing intricate beautiful Intelligence that's just resonating this pure unconditional joyful love to me - in all of existence there is this endless chant and echo that says "you are loved, you are loved, I rejoice in your being, you are loved."

How do we bring ourselves to listen to only this?

In our world, in our field, we have created monstrous thoughts that negate the beauty, divinity, perfection of all that is created. And yet even these unsightly monstrous thoughts we let fill our being are made of the very creative fabric of brilliance that we ourselves are made of. When we awaken to that, every weighted thought is lightened, …

Muskrat Love

I'm sitting here reading a text that's driving me into the deep philosophical terrains of conscious living when my mind erupts into MUSKRAT MUSKRAT MUSKRAT


I didn't understand until one of my HeartMates came back at me with some Captain &  Tennille

Okay. Muskrat Love is acceptable.

Muskrat, muskrat candlelight  Doin' the town and doin' it right  In the evenin'  It's pretty pleasin' 
Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam  Do the jitterbug out in muskrat land  And they shimmy  And Sammy's so skinny 
And they whirled and they twirled and they tangoed  Singin' and jingin' the jango  Floatin' like the heavens above  It looks like muskrat love 
Nibbling on bacon, chewin' on cheese  Sammy says to Susie "Honey, would you please be my missus?"  And she say yes  With her kisses 
And now he's ticklin' her fancy  Rubbin' her toes  Muzzle to muzzle, now anything goes  As they wriggle, and Sue starts to giggle 
And they whirled…

No Matter What


There is an art to saying everything and holding nothing back while appearing to be saying nothing at all. It maintains the balance between living loudly, boldly, declaring that you are here brilliantly alive in this moment in time and space, and, maintaining some boundaries of living and sharing an intimate secret with life.

I no longer hold back where it matters, where it counts to my heart. This is coming from the girl who used to so expertly play the part of the shy quiet invisible somebody off in the corner. Somewhere along the line that mask dropped, that self died, and out came this woman who would say without missing a beat: "naturally the only way to eat sushi is naked" while in an elevator with a couple of attractive guys.

I laugh at where I'm willing to go, what I'm willing to say or do, who I'm willing to be without hesitation now, what I don't filter or hide. What's the point? We're here, we're alive, we're gifted moments to be b…

A Good Day

I woke with a feeling of lightness today, a kind of easiness that's set from the inside. I felt it all around me, like I had pulled through into something completely new. I could see the light in everything starting with the sun that was painting the sky orange at dawn. How miraculous is all of this?

My whole entire day, from the time I woke up from dreams I recalled to the time I sat down to compose this blog, was filled with moments that arranged themselves so I could keep stepping into this feeling of awe, and gratitude, and surrender - a surrender to the beauty of everything in every direction.

I am grateful for this, for you, for everything.

This says it all:

Louie Schwartzberg: NatureBeautyGratitude. | Video on

It was such a good day today. And I know this is the feeling that lights the way.

This is what I've been waiting for.

Hello, You Beautiful Thing!