Tuesday, December 4


What's that thing you most want in the world?
What's that thing that's just "too good to be true"?
What's that thing that's everything you dream of with everything you have?
What's that thing that writes itself into every thought you have?

Life gifts you moments and a lifetime that's greater than you can imagine, that contains not only all of the elements that you dream of in the depths of your heart, but so much more too.

When you love yourself enough to look at those things and know they're all for you, when you love yourself enough to look at the display and the offering and open yourself up to receive, when you love yourself enough to accept the love inside these things you dream of, you'll see clearly the deep regard with which life is constantly looking at you.

There is only total love and absolute adoration waiting to kiss your everything.

I dream for every heart to live this.

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