Thursday, December 27

The Love You Are Ready To Live

Be a servant to your heart’s inner truth, and your life in turn will bow to you as its Master.  - Richard Bartlett

Whatever comes into your life is about the love you are ready to live.
Whatever leaves your life is about the love you are ready to live.
What never comes into your life is about the love you are ready to live.

Everything every which way you turn is demonstrating to you the love you are ready to live. This is all it is ever about.

I find the greatest test to our vulnerability really is not in extending love, but in receiving it, in letting it in. Receiving love, letting it all flow in to the center of your being, requires that your walls are down - it requires that you put down all the reasons, justifications, excuses for why you don't deserve, aren't enough, or not ready to be in the space of love.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be in the constant awareness of how loved you are in the world, in the Universe, in your life?

That's not an awareness many of us are in active or constant perception of.

I remember once I was in a mess of a something with a guy. And there was a moment we were talking standing close to each other and he was about to tell me what he felt. I felt the energy turn, I felt the extension, and re-actively took a step back. Like, whoa there horsie. I don't want to receive this amount of love. I watched myself do it. It was a moment of awakening for me.

I know we have a culture that says change or things unfolding differently than your conscious mind expected are unlovely moments, moments to hang your head, slump your shoulders down and question the blessing that's in the guise of change.

What I have come to know is this:

Everything working out is about the love you are ready to live.
Everything not working out is about the love you are ready to live.

I've been paying attention to this so that the next love interest, mate, significant so and so, that shows up is not blocked by any kind of shield I put in front of me. I've been destroying my shields and my shells for almost two years of being unattached now. And I feel the difference within me. It's like spring cleaning happened inside my heart and I feel the lightness of the effort.

And I know, this too is about the love I am ready to live.

What I also noticed is how much started flowing in once I started doing my clean up. When you open yourself up to not only loving fully but being loved fully, it's like you become this natural magnet, spinning votex, that has no cap on the amount of love that can flow in.

What if you were willing to receive Infinite Love, unending Love, limitless Love into your Heart right now?

Live inside of this question. Sit yourself right inside of this question and watch as it flushes out all the walls you've put up to receiving love.

You are loved, much more and much deeply than your conscious expectations can hold. Let all of your expectations go into your willingness to be loved and let that willingness construct your world.

Are you willing to be loved fully right now?
And now?
And now?

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