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The Golden Balance

For at the gates of the Mighty, She hath taken a seat,
and at the entrance thereof chanteth Her song:

"In the beginning, before the Lord made the Earth
When He furnished the Heavens, I was with Him;
and when He set apart His throne on the winds
When He set to the sea its bound,
and the waters passed not the word of His mouth
I was harmonizing with Him. I was the one in whom
He delighted, and I was daily gladdened by His
presence on all occasions." 
- Septuagint

Awakening into Wholeness is the destiny of every heart.

It starts with a spark at the center of your chest and we are ignited into a heart remembrance of sorts. I remember the start back in the fall of 2005, though I know there's no real start to all this, that's how it all appears. The feeling comes on strong, like things have just been snapped in place by a cosmic chemist, the lights all turned on by some celestial electrician, and all the reactions already under-way and all the bonds in your being completely rearranged. Your eyes grow wider and you feel a lot more even if it's just for the blink of an eye. You have no idea what you're in for then, but you know it's something. And the next morning you wake up feeling incredibly sad for coming back down into your forgetting. You don't know why, you don't know what you remembered, what it was that brought you into a height you'd never dreamed of, but you've felt it and it's left its imprint on you. You're completely changed. You've woken up a part of yourself that was asleep to the miracle of the wholeness within you.

As the scenes unfold you discover this magickal alchemy that's at work every step of the way. You are hand in hand with wizards  and alchemists who teach you the ways of the invisible world, the ways of transformation, the ways of turning all the compressed energy inside of you into the transparent spectrum of higher worlds. You are taught the ways of not only giving but receiving a deeper love, a boundless love that fills all the spaces of creation. You are invited to open your eyes to your whole self, to no longer see and know yourself as half of anything, as just a man or as just a woman, but as a being that contains both. No man or woman is ever on the outside of your being. This is the unification of your own heart, the awakening to a truth that has always been.

And as you learn to look with open eyes, you'll try to keep to the moment while your mind keeps running away to the home your heart has already awakened to. You look at the fragments trying to make it make sense while your heart reels in the feeling of all that is revealed.

Conditioning teaches us one thing. Awakening shows us another. Getting to experience the total reality of your whole self is a waking realization like no other.

I don't just remember you. I'm fully awake to you. I'm fully awake in you. Just as you are in me. Just as you are awake to me. My eyes have readjusted and my mind has grown to hold the full sight of this truth this Heart has always known. I in you, you in me, we have always been whole.  

This is what you say to the part of your being you had been asleep to.

The secret to receiving all of this, the secret to knowing your whole balanced self, is always going to be about your willingness to be loved. Are you willing to be loved by the Allness of your Real Self? Are you willing to feel and receive the depth of your whole self? Are you willing to awaken to what you've always contained inside of you?

I recently participated in a visioning journey with my Heart Storming sisters, and for my part of the visionary quest, I beheld two golden rings that were not two, nor were they one. They were neither two nor one, they acted like two but they merged fluidly, like a magicians rings coming together and dangling off each other and then angling to reveal apparent separateness. It was beautiful to watch them dance in this way.

The journey, whatever it turns out to be and how ever long it takes to come into visibility through you, it will always be worth it because in the end how you unfold and what unfolds in you, how you awaken and what awakens in you, is the greatest of everything you could ever come to know.

We are each created in the heart of a very Great Love.


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The first act of honoring the self is the assertion of consciousness. The choice to think, to be aware, to send the searchlight of consciousness outward toward the world, and inward toward your own being. To fail in this effort is to fail the self at the most basic level. 

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