Friday, December 21

Living the Dream in 2013

I repeatedly kept hearing and reading about the usefulness of creating a theme for your year ahead, your life in 2013. Every story book has a theme, every song, every movie - there's always a theme, an overall tone and message. So this is one of those other things that makes sense to do for your own life story - to choose a theme that holds all that will unfold as your life together in 2013.

At the same time I was seeing these blogposts and articles on the topic, I saw a brief interview on youtube about what one of my favorite hearts on the planet was casting ahead as his 2013. From the same mouth that gave me "2008 will be great" I heard "living the dream in 2013" - and there it was all wrapped up and delivered. I like it, I thought. I'll take it. I'm in!

And then I got to work - mainly just by doodling this theme-mantra on pages and creating a print out that I colored to post on one of the most frequented spots in my home - the refrigerator. Now it's there, and reminds me at ever trip for food, or snacks, or drinks, or cooking, or doing the dishes that this is what I've cast ahead and this is the space I'm working and living in now - the space of living the dream, living those silent wishes, out in 2013.

It's when you've chosen a destination that you can gather all of yourself, your attention, your focus, and cast it altogether in that direction. When you've decided on where you're going, getting there is that much easier.

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