Wednesday, December 5


The company I work for part time just gifted every employee with an iPad. I went into work on Monday only to spend my morning squealing with delight over the gift. The next morning I thanked the owner of the company and just loved how he took gracious joy in our joy.

I love working for a company that extends itself in that way - I was already sold on the place over the free weekly lunches offered for employees and the unlimited tea, hot chocolate, and lattes dispenser. It has been such a great month being in an environment like it - and in the time I've been there, there have been two fundraisers for local charities and before I got there the company had donated $20,000 to build schools in Kenya and Haiti. I wish for nothing but unlimited growth for a space that gives back like that, both internally within the organization and externally to the local and global community!

Now follow that up with what I picked up from the post office today, and call this entire week a marvellous Gift From God.

I'm a huge supporter of Jon Marro. I loved his creativity even before we sat down to do the radio shows that we did together. And what's come after that is this growing gratitude for who he is and what he brings through in so many ways. If you haven't already, go visit and be blessed by the extensions of such a Divine Heart:

Blessed are we who get to witness that Greatness that forms itself all around us.

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