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Carving Out 2013

When I feel into the year ahead, all I feel is an abundance of LOVE flowing through me and to me from every direction.

Oh what a feeling!

2012 was really a year of stepping into my own and a year of many firsts:

~ the first time I ever drove a pallet jack (or even learned what it was), 
~ the first time I worked with plants and felt the power of the energy they hold day after day (holy heavenly bliss of serenity just remembering myself standing in the garden center, alone, with plants, butterflies and the occasional bird)
~ the first time I didn't travel anywhere all year
~ the first time I merchandised and put an abundance of products on display on shelves, 
~ the first time I ever saw what a warehouse full of stock looks like (holy consumerism madness) 
~ the first time I ever broke down crying at work (ever), 
~ the first time I worked in property management, 
~ the first time I ever worked for a computer software company, 
~ the first time I was floored by a gift from a job (Dear iPad, I love you a lot),
~ the first time I ever actually wanted to own a kitten
~ the first time I actually accepted what was really being extended to me (oh so many scenes of unconditional love to reflect on for a lifetime)
~ the first time I really woke up to the feeling of my wholeness (you can't separate what has always been One)

The end of 2012, basically from September onward has been exceptionally heart widening. For the first time in my life, I truly feel as though I'm being snugly held in the arms of a Universal parent. And I know that we all are. I know for a fact that God most definitely loves me beyond any and all understanding.

I am given life, I am given love, I am given light, I am given creativity, I am given God. 

I've always recognized the blessings that flow into my life and the Grace that's in all things, but I had never before this point really felt the hand that's behind them like this, the immense love that's so present in every direction and so being extended to me endlessly in the most beautiful offerings I could have ever dreamed of. My heart has been stretching to receive for days on end and there is just no end to the flow, no end to the widening of my being. Gratitude doesn't even begin to cover or touch how I feel in this reception.

I feel like the whole entire space and the whole entire ether of this world, of this Universe, is embracing me and holding me up into an ocean of pure love and pure support and pure acceptance all manifesting in ways that is uniquely streaming and being streamed just for me. This has been the ongoing feeling for several months now, and with it came a deeper understanding of my own wholeness. When I look at my wholeness now, it's not at all something I ever conceived I would see. When I look in the mirror, I no longer see just me, or at least the me I thought I was. Now I'm Me, Us, We - words can't break it down the way I see it, feel it, and live it now. I didn't know that this was what I had to know. I am no longer looking at myself partially, and I didn't even know that I was until the end of this year.

So when I look ahead, all I can see is a deepening and extending of this into every avenue of my life, every channel of my world and being.

♥ 2013 is the year of True Love and True Loving for me.
♥ The year that my own heart feels the unmistakable hand of love directly day in and day out.
♥ The year that I exclaim, God/Love/Life/the Universe is Good over and over again.
♥ 2013 is the year of demonstrating this Love and expressing it in every way.
♥ 2013 is the year of more Ocean and more sand.
♥ Even some palm trees on the land.
♥ It is the year of more peace and more space.
♥ It is the year I really fall in love with everything I have always been.
♥ 2013 is the year I share more, extend more, touch more, feel more.
♥ It is the year I reveal more.
♥ It is the year I see more and live more.
♥ It is a year of more yoga and really being in this body of mine.
♥ 2013 will have more firsts.
♥ And more plants, definitely more plants.
♥ There will be walking bare feet in the grass and grilling veggies under a clear blue sky.
♥ I see swimming in the mix, and I don't mind it.
♥ There will be a lot of gazing into eyes that shine.
♥ And a lot of communing with like hearts and like minds.
♥ Community is you, me, and everyone under the sun.
♥ More skype sessions and clients, more writing and recording, more doodling and more of even more inspiring.

And of course there will be even more than this right here.
Moments and scenes I see and feel that I'll never put to words on this screen.
Maybe in pictures though, we'll see.
Because some of those moments are really just for me.

I don't know what all the content of it looks like, or what every detail of it will be like, and I don't really need to know.

Because I feel these feelings and they are amazing.

And this is how you carve out the whole thing.
You start with the feeling and let that build your every scene.
Set it into motion with the snippets of your vision.
And then let it grow itself into a moment, a day, a month, a full year.
Light it with your love and vision, then set it free into full expression.
Feel it. Feel it. Feel it.

You are loved.

Happy 2013


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