Wednesday, December 12

A Very Playful 12-12-12

Someone mentioned to me that today begins the 9 day count down to 12-21-12 which in the world of spirituality and consciousness awakening (and cosmology, astronomy etc.) is a significant date. Let's not even mention the numerology at play here.

Numbers to me are significant. Everything is energy after all,  and all of it precise and freakishly exact.

Now the suggestion was to treat today as the door before the bridge into the once-in-every 26,000 years planetary alignment right along the plane of the entire galaxy. That's a pretty exact and gigantic alignment happening across a vast amount of space. And with planetary alignment always comes some movement of energy. Everything is everything affecting everything so setting your tone, your own unique contribution into the mix here to me makes sense.

So I woke up, after waking up in the middle of the night and falling asleep, and just wondered what the perfect tone would be for me. What did I want to  emit into this doorway? What sound did I want to sound and what beam did I want to send out from within me?

I pondered it and moved through my moments feeling the space of this intent to just extend something that was perfect for what I'm stepping into and onto. What came through and formed around me was a day of play and a day of love. I spent the whole day at work laughing, putting up Christmas decorations, getting my hours extended, and then coming home to skype with my brother and his lovely wife together for the first time. It was a day of such satisfaction that my heart is still thumping from all of it.

So that's the bridge that's forming here. One of play and one of love. A playful love. A laugh-filled dance. A giggle-invoking sparkly shiny bridge into....mmhmmm...into that!

This is good!

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