Saturday, December 1

A Very Loved Heart

A single moment in time can show up to reveal only to your eyes the meaning of how events will align to bring about that thing you've been waiting for. In my literature classes, foreshadowing was taught to only be a literary device employed by authors, writers, people who like to play with words.

I imagine, like everything else we bring into our expressions, such a concept was born from direct observation of how life itself hints at things to come through brilliantly poetic moments. Because it does. It's incredible just how every answer is already shown to us, given to us, we just might not be awake enough to understand it when it does.

Our destinies are so elegantly engraved in our own hearts and then displayed on the screen space and stage we call waking life. Every detail of the immense love that is ours to breathe and live is already all around us. Our make-belief life, the dreamy "is this really happening to me" life, only feels that way because we've yet to understand the depth of love that brought us into being to begin with. Is this for real? Yes, this is the realest thing you've ever let into your heart. This is the closest you've come to really seeing what it is that birthed you and what it is that unfolds you. This is the closest you've come to kissing God right on His cosmic mouth.

When it starts to feel like a fairytale, when it starts to feel like a blissful dream, when it starts to feel like our hearts are sparks that keep transforming themselves into fireworks, this is when we've truly opened ourselves to what we really are. We are made of bliss and ecstasy, a form of pure love that flows to create the most lighted scenes we could ever let ourselves walk into again and again to a never-ending end.

I didn't know it then, in the moment I'm recalling as my reference for this entry. It's one thing to have visions and invisible intuitive insights. It's a whole other thing when you walk into a scene whose sole purpose is to serve as a living hint, a living glimpse into the details of your hearts unfolding. It was one of those moments where everything around me was readjusting itself and reorganizing itself just so I can walk into this moment.

I saw that part of it then, in awe of the abundance of synchronicity, I just banked the whole sequence in my mind simply spellbound by the precise adjustments my universe had made to have me standing where I was standing. And now, things that didn't make sense then in that moment in space and time, from where I stand now on this wonderful first of December day, having grown myself, having let in more of my  Self, are seen as clear exact simplified displays of what was to come. They were simplified in that there wasn't elaborate stories attached to every movement like there are now. Now, this is happening because of that, and that is happening because of that, and so on - there's more detail to fill in the movements, but the movements are the same movements I was a part of then.

That our waking life is a brilliant story being told by a most magnificent deeply loving invisible story teller, is clearer to me today than ever before. This right here, where I'm standing and what's coming this way, this is my favourite part of my movie.

This is the dream life of a very loved heart. And as all hearts are loved in this way, I wish for nothing but the whole world to awaken into this ocean of endless blessings. Life adores us immensely and eternally. This is the simplest truth I Now whole-heartedly know.

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~Justice INSights~ said...

Beautiful! This is definitely the joy of the connected heart, present with the ever unfolding potential for love.

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